Runners: 8 Ways To Run Further For Longer, Without Any Pain!

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit, clear your mind, and challenge yourself. However, it can also be tough on your body, leading to soreness and injuries if you’re not careful. That’s why recovery is just as important as the run itself. In this blog, we’ll share eight simple yet effective recovery tips to help you bounce back faster and stronger.

Posture Perfection: AIDPPT’s Guide For All Ages

In an era dominated by screens, maintaining good posture has become more challenging than ever. At AIDPPT, we’ve observed a rising trend in posture-related issues across all age groups. Kids and teens are often seen hunched over their phones, while adults grapple with the effects of prolonged sitting, especially those working from home. Bad posture isn’t just about aesthetics; it can lead to chronic pain, reduced mobility, and a host of other health issues.

Winter Warriors: Strengthen and Protect Your Body with PT Tips

When the snow starts to fall, skiers and snowboarders hit the slopes for fun in the fresh powder. But sometimes, the last run of the day can be a tricky one. Your muscles are tired, and if you haven’t been keeping them strong and ready, you might get hurt. It’s not just the knees that are at risk – shoulders, wrists, and even your back can get injured if you’re not careful.

Don’t Let Your FSA Dollars or Your Physical Therapy Benefits Go To Waste: Invest In Your Health at AIDPPT Before 2023 Ends

As the year comes to a close, it’s essential to make the most of your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) funds and Physical Therapy Benefits before December 31st. At AIDPPT, we’re here to help you optimize your investments in your health and well-being. Discover our range of wellness products, from joint support to muscle recovery, all eligible for FSA spending. With the advantage of tax-free dollars, you can achieve your health goals without breaking the bank. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to invest in your physical wellness. Shop now and step into 2024 with a renewed commitment to your health and vitality!

Maintaining Physical Wellness During the Colder Months: A Guide by AIDPPT

As the chill of the colder months settles in, staying active and maintaining physical wellness can pose a unique set of challenges. The drop in temperature can have a noticeable impact on our joints, muscles, and overall body, making the journey of physical wellness a bit more demanding. However, at AIDPPT, we view the colder months as an opportunity rather than a deterrent to your health goals. In the following sections, we’ll delve into how the cold weather affects your physical wellness and share tips along with exercises to keep you moving and healthy through the season.

Fall Sports & ACL Injuries:
A Spotlight on Female Athletes

Fall sports bring both excitement and risks, with ACL injuries ranking high, especially among female athletes. They face a 2-8x higher risk of ACL tears compared to males. At AIDPPT, our focus isn’t just on treatment but proactive prevention. Learn about the unique challenges female athletes face and our specialized strategies for peak performance and safety. Dive into our insights and let’s champion your sports journey together.

Conquer the Court:
Expert Tips for Pickleball and Tennis Elbow

In the world of racquet sports, tennis has been a long-standing favorite. But recently, another game is catching attention: pickleball. As the popularity of pickleball grows, so do the concerns about injuries specific to the sport, notably ‘pickleball elbow’. Just like tennis elbow, pickleball elbow can cause discomfort and pain, limiting your game. Dive deep into understanding these conditions and how physical therapy can offer relief.

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6 Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries 

Sports injuries can be a major setback for athletes, especially when they are serious enough to require surgery or long-term rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are several steps athletes can take to reduce their risk of injury and keep themselves healthy and active. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six ways to avoid sports injuries while staying active.

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