Runners: 8 Ways To Run Further For Longer, Without Any Pain!

Running is a fantastic way to stay fit, clear your mind, and challenge yourself. However, it can also be tough on your body, leading to soreness and injuries if you’re not careful. That’s why recovery is just as important as the run itself. In this blog, we’ll share eight simple yet effective recovery tips to help you bounce back faster and stronger. From the importance of icing and the right footwear to mastering your posture and trying out physical therapy, we’ve got you covered. Plus, we’ll throw in some bonus tips to enhance your running form and strengthen key muscle groups. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, these strategies are designed to keep you running smoothly and injury-free. Let’s get you back on your feet and ready for your next run!

1. Ice

Use ice after you are done with your run for 12-15 minutes. Ice helps decrease swelling, which will help contribute to decreasing pain. If you are suffering with point tenderness, perform ice massage using an ice cup (freeze a cup of water in paper cup and peel off the paper as it melts) or roll your foot on a frozen water bottle. For larger areas use a gel ice pack making sure you use a pillowcase or towel as a barrier.

(Bonus tip: wet the towel/pillowcase if you are not feeling the cold enough.)

2. Avoid Wearing Certain Types Of Footwear

Footwear such as high heels and fashion footwear may look good but are not helpful. Heels will increase the strain on your back and knees and they will decrease the muscle activation of key extensor muscles used for GAIT. Using narrow fashion footwear will promote

bunions and neuroma all the while decreasing your balance and base of support.

3. Get Proper Fitting Foot Running Shoes

Don’t always go with what looks pretty. When shopping for new shoes take the insoles out and stand on them. If your foot spills over the insole the shoes are too narrow.

4. Standing Posture

Remember when your mother told you to stand up straight and don’t slouch; she was right. Slouching will result in muscle imbalances and decreased recruitment of your buttocks, knees, and ankles.

[Make sure you are standing with your weight centered over your feet, front to back and side to side.

Hint; your shoulders should be lined up over your hips and your weight in evenly between your feet and just behind the balls of your feet]

5. Sitting Posture

Slouching while sitting with increase the strain on your back and diminish the space in your chest for your diaphragm to move. Make sure you get up more frequently (every 20 mins if suffering with lower back pain and every two hours otherwise)

Stop sitting cross legged as this twist your spine and stretches the muscles of your hips out. Sitting up straight will increase your core strength but slouching will shorten your hip flexors resulting in shorter strides.

6. Sleeping Posture

Stop sleeping on your stomach as this will increase your lower back pain and increase the arch in your back. Sleep on your side with a body pillow between your knees to keep your spine in alignment and decrease the muscle lengthening in your hips.

7. Foam Rolling

Will decrease your muscle soreness and stiffness the next day. It will also increase your tissue mobility meaning greater flexibility and range of motion.

Make sure to roll 3-5 minutes per area at least 4x a week. Linger on the spots that are painful. The best time to roll is immediately after you exercise and at the end of the day.

8. Give Physical Therapy A Try

Most people do not realize how easy it is to access Physical Therapy – you don’t need a referral from a doctor any more and you don’t even have to talk to your insurance about it either. The first session is free and you’ll find out what else you can do to ease your specific running injury.

Call this number now: 571-327-3386
Apply For A Free 30-Minute Physical Therapy Discovery Session Today!

These eight tips, coupled with the bonus advice on walking form and strengthening exercises, are designed to keep you running stronger and longer, without the pain. Try incorporating them into your daily routine and see how much of a difference they can make. Remember, consistency is key, and a few minutes a day can lead to a lifetime of healthy running.

Happy running! 

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