Custom Orthotics Near Me - Physical Therapy in Ashburn, VA

AID Performance Physical Therapy performs custom orthotic evaluations and castings in the office. In partnership with Richey Labs and Partnership Fabrication Systems they ship the casts off to the lab located in Charlottesville, VA.

Custom Foot Orthoses perform a myriad of functions to correct foot abnormalities and prevent future foot problems. There are several main purposes of foot orthoses:

  • Relieve areas of excessive plantar pressure by evenly distributing pressure over the entire bottom surface of the foot and/or redistributing plantar forces on the foot.
  • Reduce shock with shock-absorbing materials.
  • Stabilize and support deformities and limit joint motion with the use of more rigid, supportive materials.
  • Reduce shear by minimizing horizontal foot movement through shear-reducing materials.
  • Accommodate deformities with the use of soft, moldable materials in the shell and top-cover.

Here is the listing of our most common orthoses:

“Richey 3D/Semi rigid”

We developed this semi-rigid device over 20 years ago and it is an excellent device for sports, treating biomechanical foot ailments, and general use. We use this construction for over 90% of our orthoses patients with over 20,000 happy customers, and counting.


Our standard semi-rigid, full or ¾ length, subortholene shell posted in rigid crepe, with pelite top and bottom cover—other top-covers available. The brown and black pelite top-covers allow this device to be used in footbed sandals with removable footbeds.


This is the gold standard in accommodating sensitive feet with diabetes, arthritis, etc.


Cork base with poly-ethylene or Thermal HK stiffener. Choice of three top-covers: Arthritic Trilam, Diabetic Trilam or Plastazote/PPT.


This is the classic functional device long favored by podiatrists and physical therapists.


Rigid ¾ (or full) length orthosis constructed over a polypropylene shell, posted with rigid crepe with sole guard underneath, and top-covered with vinyl.

“Semi-rigid Cork”

This is an accommodative device favored by podiatrists and those who want a leather device.


Subortholene 3mm shell posted with ¼” cork, Leather over PPT, bottom cover black Fuschia.

“2D-TL Blue (fiberglass)”

This is an excellent functional device with the strength of TL-Blue, a fiberglass composite with excellent strength.


Rigid TL Blue shell, posted with rigid crepe with sole guard underneath, and top-covered with Spenco (full or ¾ length).

“2D-TL 2100/DBX (carbon fiber)”

This functional device uses carbon fiber to create the strongest functional device available. However, most people do not require the additional strength (or want the additional cost).


Rigid TL 2100 or DBX shell, posted with rigid crepe with sole guard underneath, and top-covered with Spenco (full or ¾ length).
Image: Same look as TL-Blue above, but black all over.

“Toe-filler with arch support (L5000)”

This is the gold standard in accommodating partial foot amputees, with or without diabetes. This device allows biomechanical control and protection of the amputation site.


Richey 3D construction with attached toe-filler made of crepe and/or cushioned foam. Plastazote/ PPT topcover. Sometimes a rigid carbon foot plate is added to this device.
We recommend that this device be worn along with a rocker sole.

Orthosis Repair Services

Replace the top-cover

We will strip the old top-cover off and replace with a new top-cover and generally clean the entire device. We can provide this service on other lab's devices as well.

Replace the top-cover and replace the heel post

Same as above, with post refurbishment. Warning—we can really only repost the device accurately if we have the original cast. If not, we will do our best, but cannot guarantee the results.