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Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

Physical Therapist, Owner and Founder of AID Performance Physical Therapy

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A Personal Message from Physical Therapist, Andrew Dombek: 

Dear Active-Duty Military Personnel and Armed Services Veterans, 

Whether you are an Active-Duty, Post Deployment, or Veteran of the armed services, we at AID Performance Physical Therapy view you as a high-level athlete. 

Starting with boot camp, continued maintenance before, during, and after deployment, and into retirement a myriad of minor strains and pains if left untreated can result in significant injury. 

The lack of prevention and wellness treatment as well as rehabilitation you receive during and after your service may make you a tad frustrated by an injury that will just not seem to heal, we would like to thank you for your service and welcome you to the right place to get you back to as near perfect as when you signed up for duty! 

The training and workload members of the armed services undergo is either equal to or far more difficult than any professional athlete would go through. In fact, anyone who has attempted to join or been accepted into any of the Special Operations Forces would not argue that you are some of the most elite athletes, period! 

No matter how long your lack of progress has frustrated you, please know that what you are dealing with is probably nothing new from what I have seen in all my years of serving top athletes of all ages. 

Whatever the root cause of your concern is, I am highly confident that AID Performance Physical Therapy has a solution to help you and it is one that will result in your return to your current duty station, active lifestyle, and/or exercise routine. Even if that simply involves you being able to take care of and play with your kids or grandchildren. 

General practitioners do not agree with us, but injuries suffered by our military service members should be taken seriously. Injuries stop you from taking part in activities and events that not only matter most to you but also add huge value and satisfaction to your life. 

Before I show you how I can help, let me first distance myself from all the other physical therapists out there. I have years of experience and am a specialist in not only sports rehabilitation and physical therapy but also injuries that are a result of overuse and incidents which occur while serving your country. 

I have worked with a wide range of clients from high school and college athletes to professional sports teams in the MLB, NFL, USL, USA Olympic team, and the military elite in the airborne, seals, green beret, and delta force. 

Know this, whether you pulled a calf muscle running/marching, damaged your hamstring on a mission, twisted a knee, hurt your back after countless hours of parachute landings, sprained an ankle, or are suffering from runners’ knee or shin splits, I have a solid track record of helping service members, just like you, recover and get back to active duty faster! 

I understand that those on the front lines, who perform for their livelihood, want results and they want to be fit fast. There is no such thing as just “waiting to see how an injury goes”; time is of the essence and every day that passes is critical to progress. 

The good news for you is that with my vast experience working with high-level athletes and Special Operations Forces, I have been able to perfect all secret recovery tactics, expert techniques, and “do this today, do that tomorrow” advice and package it in such a way that I can share it with everyone to help them get fit and stay fit. 

I will use my expertise to tell you how long it will take to get you going again without pain, make the call on exactly what you can safely do to exercise, and for how long right up until the day you are fully fit. When you achieve your desired fitness level, I will ensure that you can stay injury-free and on the field of battle. 

Does that sound like something you would be interested in or what you came here looking for? 

It’s no surprise to me that so many frustrated members of the Armed Forces; who are either active-duty, post-deployment or retired are knocking on my door. They’re asking for help because most injuries sustained while serving our country can never heal properly. Failure to recover from your injuries stems from the lack of time to get the full treatment, fear of being left behind, or they are simply being ignored. 

Despite what some people think, rest is never the answer. In more than all my years as a physical therapist working with service members, I have not witnessed any injury in any branch of the military that improves with prolonged rest. 

Sure, as you rest the pain decreases. However, experiencing no pain at rest is not the goal. 

What about the scar tissue that builds up? As you continue resting, your muscle and/or ligament clogs up, producing tightness, stiffness, and inflexibility which could tear at any time. 

Luckily, I know just what to do to stop the vicious cycle and it involves lots of skilled and very deep massage, performing exercises at just the right time, and then looking at your lower back

to confirm problems are not originating from there — because they often do! I also may need to look at your feet to check for a muscle imbalance or advise specific exercises that will make you stronger and more flexible, resulting in less chance of being injured again. 

After doing all of that with you, I can guarantee that you will see an improvement and it will happen fast!

EVERYTHING that I suggest is geared toward you being active again as fast as it is safely possible. 


But before I show you how I can help, please let me tell you who I can help: 

You are a current, post-deployment, or retired sailor, marine, airman, or guardsman: 

  • With a dull ache or even severe pain in your Achilles tendon 
  • Who suffer from a pinching pain, a deep ache, or a stabbing sensation in their shoulder 
  • With radiating arm pain, a nagging kink, or stiffness in their neck 
  • Is suffering from pain on the OUTSIDE of your knee caused by a tight IT band (aka – Runners’ knee
  • Who has shin splints, a calf strain, or an ankle sprain and it seems no matter how much time you give it, there is no sign of a significant improvement 
  • With a stiff, achy, or even painful lower back 
  • You aren’t interested in the “painkillers and rest” protocol advised by the general practitioner, nor do you like the generic exercises so often given out by other physical therapists 


If You Have Come To This Page Because You Are FED UP With Being Unable To Exercise (Retired) Or Train for Duty, Worrying That You Won’t Be Properly Fit, and Want an Expert Military and Sports Medicine Physical Therapist To Help — Let Me Tell You What I Can Do For You 

I have a proven solution that works at ending ALL the common military injuries, FAST. Regardless of whether you have been injured for days, weeks, or even months, I am going to get you active again and help you find more enjoyment from exercise because you will leave me carefully fit and able to do what you love without any fear of being re-injured.


Specialized hands-on sports/military physical therapy involves me and my team working on you in a personal way using all our best techniques to bring about a fast healing of scar tissue, stiffness, and tightness that is keeping you from being deemed fit for duty. We will end your concerns and worries by answering all your questions. 

Deep therapeutic massage will ease muscle tension and tightness naturally, and when combined with PNF stretching and targeted exercises, it makes you stronger and more flexible. These modalities will make a marked difference in your recovery by positively affecting what you can do, how quickly you can do it, and how long you can do it. 

Truth be told, if you saw these changes in a matter of days, it would not surprise me at all. 

And, if you want to find the best exercises – the ones specific to you and your service profile – that will make a difference in how fast you get better. I’ll give you all of them too – maybe even the first time we meet. Performing your specifically designed exercise routine on your own will certainly be the best way for you to avoid being injured again, any time soon.

If all that I have offered sounds like something you would be interested in or what you came looking for, then start by pressing the yellow button below to make a simple no hassle, no-obligation inquiry about the cost and schedule availability.


Andrew Dombek

Andrew Dombek, Published Author and Leading US Physical Therapist.

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I accidentally saw your location one day and after two previous companies gave less than average service I decided to try your company. Everyone is professional I have a feeling when I come in that folks like working here and are very good at the profession. You always meet my expectations because it is a give and take about how I feel when I come in and the PT folks genuinely care about trying to relieve the problem I may have with the body part they are working on. It's a no brainer that I would recommend you.

Dan, Mid 50s, Ashburn
Dan, Mid 50s, Ashburn

My son recommended me to go to AIDPPT. The service is very good. The therapists are very friendly and care for me as a family member. The staff at the front desk is very nice. I am still in physical therapy for my back problem. I got better very soon on my heel. I am getting stronger.

Dana, Aged 65, Ashburn
Dana, Aged 65, Ashburn