Fall Sports & ACL Injuries:
A Spotlight on Female Athletes

Fall sports bring both excitement and risks, with ACL injuries ranking high, especially among female athletes. They face a 2-8x higher risk of ACL tears compared to males. At AIDPPT, our focus isn't just on treatment but proactive prevention. Learn about the unique challenges female athletes face and our specialized strategies for peak performance and safety. Dive into our insights and let's champion your sports journey together.
In the world of racquet sports, tennis has been a long-standing favorite. But recently, another game is catching attention: pickleball. As the popularity of pickleball grows, so do the concerns about injuries specific to the sport, notably 'pickleball elbow'. Just like tennis elbow, pickleball elbow can cause discomfort and pain, limiting your game. Dive deep into understanding these conditions and how physical therapy can offer relief.
Sports injuries can be a major setback for athletes, especially when they are serious enough to require surgery or long-term rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are several steps athletes can take to reduce their risk of injury and keep themselves healthy and active. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six ways to avoid sports injuries while staying active.
Having healthy muscles is essential for overall health and well-being. Good, healthy muscles provide us with strength, mobility, and balance. When maintaining good muscle health, it eliminates the possibility of issues surrounding strength, mobility, and balance arising. Not only that, but muscles help us to perform everyday activities such as walking, lifting, and carrying heavy objects.
Physical therapy is an important part of the healing process for many individuals. It can help with pain management, injuries, and surgery recovery, as well as improve mobility and restore regular strength and function. But, if you’re new to physical therapy, you may be wondering — what exactly happens during a physical therapy session? What can I expect?
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