Get Scientifically Backed Proven Results In Just 4 Weeks Using Blood Flow Restriction!

Welcome to the future of rehabilitation and training…

After several years of researching blood flow restriction (BFR) training and the corresponding devices available in the marketplace, AIDPPT made the leap and purchased the BStrong (BFR) Training system for the clinic.

What is BFR Training?

B Strong BFR Bands are elastic, inflatable bands that you can wear on your arms or legs while working out. Whether that is lifting weights, biking, swimming, running, doing yoga, or even just walking… These B Strong bands can turn household chores, or even walking the dog, into a workout.

What you commonly hear referred to as “No Pain/No Gain” refers to the traditional weight training model — ultimately tearing muscle to build new muscle and increase strength.

For an individual to achieve muscle fatigue from a traditional training session, he/she would have to lift heavy weights or push oneself for a long period of time in order to illicit the growth hormonal response needed to make strength gains or overall improvement.

BFR Training is an exercise methodology used by people in all stages of life and over the last several months the staff and the clients of AIDPPT put them to the test…

…the results are in and BFR training is the winner. Our post-op patients are getting results that their doctors are raving about and putting them ahead of everyone else on their road to recovery versus those not using BFR training in similar situations.

What can BFR Training Do For Me?

When following B STRONG banded protocols, lifting lighter weights ‘tricks’ the muscle to fatigue, the athlete (young or old/fit or unfit) gets the desired physiologic response quickly without having to break down and tear muscle, inducing Human Growth Hormone (HGH) to all tissues and working muscles of the body. This strong yet non-damaging muscle fatigue triggers a natural, robust, hormonal cascade which in turn produces hypertrophy and strength gains on par with traditional weightlifting. The hormones circulating in the blood stream benefit all areas of the body that were working not only the banded limbs, which we refer to as the “systemic effect”.”

Whether you are a professional athlete looking to gain an edge in performance or a senior looking to feel youthful and gain mobility again, everyone can benefit from BFR Training.”

B STRONG BFR training is an exercise technique that safely manipulates the body’s circulatory system, and when combined with exercise, produces rapid gains in strength and fitness using light loads in a very short period of time. Its use triggers a natural hormonal response in the body generating Human Growth Hormone (HGH) which has been noted to produce an anti-aging effect, and contribute to the building of stronger bones, increase lean muscle mass, and reduce body fat. The efficiency of BFR Training creates a paradigm shift in fitness!

Now, weight training with half the weights in half the time can illicit remarkable whole body results. B STRONG training enhances normal training programs, simply incorporate the B STRONG training system during weight training, running, skills/drills training or as an adjunct to any training program. Consistent BFR Training equals measurable strength, power, velocity improvements with endurance as a measurable bonus!!! Leaner, Faster, Stronger!


For years, this training modality was only made available to Olympic Athletes and the few NFL, MLS, NBA and select collegiate teams for whom Dr. Stray-Gundersen (founder of the Bstrong Bands) consulted. Now it is available to you at AID Performance Physical Therapy!

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