Get Back with Dombek Episode 13: Rhys Gully – Personal Training and Collaborative Care

I believe that Rhys Gully is the best trainer in the area.

I believe this to be true because he has an understanding of the body like no other. He understands athletes because he was a 3-sport athlete at Broad Run High School. Upon graduation Rhys furthered his education at Virginia Tech where he graduated with a degree in exercise physiology. Rhys works with athletes of all ages and skill levels from the beginner all the way up to the professional levels.

In this episode of the Get Back With Dombek podcast, Rhys discusses why he believes that collaborative care is the best approach to physical therapy and training. You’ll also hear his thoughts on training young athletes, Tommy John surgery in young pitchers, performance and prevention training and much more.

About the Podcast

Get Back With Dombek produced by Tpow Studios and AID Performance Physical Therapy, is here to bring you insight, inspiration, expertise, and education from the leading sports medicine experts, coaches, trainers, the country’s’ most talented athletes, and beyond. Once a week, a special guest will appear to discuss various sports performance, medical, psychological, performance and/or recovery practices as well as what sets them apart from the rest. We will also hear about each guest’s back story, the how/why they chose their sport/profession, their support network both personally and professionally, the obstacles they have had to overcome to make it to the top and what the future holds for them and or their profession.

Each episode will bring you something different than the last, our guests will offer practical advice that will allow you to gain insider knowledge on how to improve your sports performance, the latest medical approaches and treatments for prevention, different approaches and alternative ways to return from injury better and faster, and what makes them stand out in their fields.

Hosted by Andrew Dombek, physical therapist, entrepreneur, business owner, sports enthusiast, father, and performance coach. The podcast is perfect for athletes of all ages, people who want to learn about the top prevention and performance dimes, coaches, trainers, medical professionals as well as parents and guardians of aspiring high school, college, and professional athletes. You will leave the podcast with laughing with a smile on your face and a little more educated than before you pressed play.

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