EVENup ®

EVENup ®

EVENup ®

Introducing the EVENup® – the ultimate solution for correcting leg length discrepancy and enhancing walking comfort.

Leg length discrepancy can cause various problems, including gait imbalance, hip misalignment, and back pain. The EVENup® Shoe Leveler is specifically designed to address this issue, providing a simple yet effective way to achieve leg length equality and restore proper alignment.

The EVENup® Shoe Leveler is a trusted solution recommended by AIDPPT for correcting leg length discrepancy and enhancing walking comfort. It offers a non-invasive and cost-effective alternative to custom orthotics or shoe modifications.

Key features and benefits of the EVENup® Shoe Leveler include:

Correct Leg Length Discrepancy: The EVENup® Shoe Leveler effectively offsets the height difference between legs, promoting a balanced and aligned gait. This helps alleviate strain on the hips, knees, and lower back.

Optimal Posture and Alignment: By addressing leg length discrepancy, the EVENup® Shoe Leveler encourages improved posture and alignment, reducing the risk of compensatory issues and associated discomfort.

Comfortable and Secure Fit: The EVENup® Shoe Leveler is designed to fit most shoe sizes and types. Its adjustable straps ensure a snug and secure fit, allowing for maximum comfort throughout the day.

Versatility and Portability: Whether you’re at work, engaging in sports activities, or going about your daily routine, the EVENup® Shoe Leveler can be easily attached to your shoe. Its lightweight and compact design make it convenient to carry with you wherever you go.

Ideal for Various Conditions: The EVENup® Shoe Leveler is beneficial for individuals with leg length discrepancies, hip or knee replacements, scoliosis, and other orthopedic conditions. It minimizes the impact of leg length difference on overall mobility and function, promoting a more natural walking experience.

Don’t let leg length discrepancy hinder your mobility and well-being. Step up your walking comfort and restore balance with the EVENup® Shoe Leveler. Experience the difference it can make in your gait and overall posture by incorporating this innovative device into your footwear. Invest in your walking comfort and discover the benefits of the EVENup® Shoe Leveler today.



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