What is an Integrative Health Coach

Andrew: Welcome back, this is Andrew Dominic and I’m in the AID Performance Physical Therapy studios. Inside their gym, check out our new mats. I’ve got another special guest. It’s Angela Marie of GoodLife Nutrition.

Angela: Hi, guys.

Andrew: Thanks for coming back. Today she’s gonna tell us a little bit more about what an integrative health coach is. And Angela gave us insight and told us all the great things that she can do to help us at the AID and especially why we’re now here. But I wanted her to tell you guys out there listening and watching, what exactly is an integrative health coach and how it differs from some of these other health solutions.

Angela: Yeah, well, thank you for having me, Andrew. And I believe in helping people harness healthy behavior and then therapeutic value of whole food to heal and drive. That’s the mission statement of my business. And what I do as an integrative nutrition coach, is basically empower you to take your health back into your own hands. One of the integrative concepts that I use is not just looking at what you’re eating, your food diary, what goes into your mouth, it’s looking at your life comprehensively. So we’re gonna be looking at your sleeping patterns, your stress levels, the support systems that you have, the relationships in your family, how your work life is, and then of course, what you’re eating and how you’re moving.

So I do that through nutrition assessment, monitoring, and evaluation. I do work with your lab values and yeah, it’s really just this comprehensive service. I often call integrative nutrition sort of the hub of your health care. It helps you take your nutrition and health back into your own hands. And another concept of this integrative paradigm is that I work very closely with your health care team, whether that be Andrew and his physical therapy stuff, or your primary care physicians. I work very closely with them because we all have our scopes of practice. And, well, minus nutrition, it might not necessarily be your mobility exercises. So I just want to be part of that team and I think we can do some good work together.

Andrew: Yeah. One of the things that we learned from Angela last week is we’ve…one of the reasons why we brought people on massage therapy, nutritionist, and maybe some other areas, is because we’re getting questions from our patients, “What are good foods to eat? How do I lose weight? How do I improve my performance? How can I decrease throwing? I’ve heard that turmeric and cinnamon are great.”. And so we brought Angela on to help answer those questions. So she has office hours on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Mondays and Fridays, she’s here in the mornings, and Wednesday she’s here in the evening. So you either stop in, pop your head and ask her a question, or if you have an appointment here today, knock on the door, ask her, you know, “Hey do you have a couple minutes we talk?” Angela also offers free discovery sessions just like we do, where you can have a 15-minute conversation, whether it’s in person or over the phone, to see if your goals align with her methodologies of whole food lifestyle changes.

So if you have any more questions about physical therapy, nutrition, performance, sleep, anything like that, feel free to email me at adominic@aidppt.com, go to our website aidperformancept.com, check us out on Facebook, other social media, Twitter, Instagram, and then also Angela’s website.

Angela: Yes, my website is www.bemindfulandhappy.com, just like it sounds, bemindfulandhappy.com. I have an online scheduling page that if you want to book a free 15-minute discovery session, you can go right on there, put yourself into my schedule and we’ll meet really soon.

Andrew: Angela also has a page that you can reach her through our website at aidppt.com. And we’re gonna get up with my buddy Fleming over in England, who does our website design and maintenance, and there will be a link there on within our website that will take you to her scheduling app. So Angela will also be giving us exclusive content, just for members of AID Performance Physical Therapy, that you’ll be able to check out on her blog for us, at AID.

Thanks again, stay tuned for our next episode. Keep the questions coming in. Thanks a bunch, have a great day.

Angela: Nice to meet you guys.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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