Now Offering Virtual Physical Therapy Visits!

Are you trying to get your garden ready for the summer, but that old knee problem is creeping back and becoming a problem?

Have you been working from home and noticing a nagging neck or low back pain?

Are you suddenly increasing your running mileage with your extra time, but noticing new heel pain?

Did your kids take up kickball in the backyard and you think one may have sprained their ankle?

Under our current circumstances, the laws surrounding Virtual Healthcare are changing every day. More and more insurance companies are relaxing their policies in order to cover virtual physical therapy services as we are deemed essential healthcare professionals. However, with the hands-on nature of our profession, we understand our community’s concerns with in-house therapy and urge our at-risk patients to stay home and continue their prescribed Home Exercise Programs.

But what if you’re continuing to progress and your exercises are getting too easy? How do you know if you’re doing your exercises correctly? What if you are experiencing a new problem due to being more sedentary or more active since staying home?

AID Performance PT’s Virtual Visits are Here for You

You can continue your PT online FOR FREE (for a limited time) in the safety of your own home where our Physical Therapists will guide, modify, and implement new exercises so you can stay on track with your rehab goals.

Why you should start Virtual Sessions now rather than wait out the Stay at Home Orders:

1. Physical Therapists are Movement Specialists

We have always specialized in conservative management of aches in pains and our goal is to use corrective exercise to prevent you from having to undergo surgery, pain killers, or injections. This has always been AID PPT’s mission. Therapeutic exercise is the bread and butter of what physical therapists do and can be easily assessed and taught through an online format.

2. Be Prepared to Re-enter the Workforce and School without Pain

Many injuries are caused by sudden lifestyle changes, i.e. working from home, watching more Netflix, inability to go to the gym, or suddenly increasing your running/biking mileage. Returning to our old lifestyles may not fix the problem, so why wait? We want all our patients to be ready to re-enter the workforce, school, and sports without aches, pains, or tightness.

3. You don’t have to go to Urgent Care

Our therapists have Direct Access licenses, meaning you can see us without a prescription for up to 30 days. This means you can avoid exposure at doctor’s offices and urgent care clinics for all your orthopedic needs including strains, sprains, back pain, etc. We will let you know if it is necessary to see your physician and refer out as recommended.

4. We are flexible

Without our normal clinic hours, our physical therapist’s schedules are more flexible than ever. Get therapy done on your own time, in your pajamas, without even leaving your home.

How Do You Start?

Getting set up is easy. Here's what you need:

  • Computer, phone or tablet with a camera
  • Reliable and secure internet connection
  • Wall space, floor space, and a chair

And here's what would be nice to have:

  • Yoga mat
  • Bath towel and dish towel
  • Mini loop bands, small handheld weights, step stool
  • Foam roller

To schedule your first virtual appointment, call our office number at (703) 723 – 6758 to speak with our receptionists Brooke or Ashli.

From there, you will receive an email from me, Andrew, or our new PT, Sarah, from our video platform We chose this platform for its ease of use and HIPAA compliance. With privacy in mind, we do recommend that you open in a private web browser and we will do the same.

At our scheduled appointment time, you can click on the link you received in the email. This will direct you to our “virtual waiting area” where you will sign in with your first and last name. Your name will pop up on our screen and we will check you in to establish video connection.

What to Expect

These virtual visits are approximately 30-minute one-on-one appointments, but we will of course accommodate to your individual needs. During your first appointment you can expect a lot of talking. We want to know how you’ve been since our last in-house appointment and what you’ve been doing since – No judgement here. If you’ve fallen off the home exercise program wagon, we’re here to pick you back up and get you moving again. And we will modify everything that needs to be modified.

What does it mean to modify your home program?

Modifying your exercises means we will work together to find substitutes for commonplace therapy equipment that you have in your own home. No kettlebell? Let’s try a sack of flour or a backpack full of books. No dumbbells? Canned goods will do (and we know everyone has those right now). We can even try new exercises to adjust to your current needs. Physical Therapy is flexible, and we have many ideas to keep you progressing during these social distancing and work-from-home times.

There may of course be some equipment we can substitute but won’t be the best bang for your buck. Our clinic remains open, and we are now offering curbside pick-up and home drop off for therapy supplies to any of our patients in need.

Curbside pick-up and home drop-off supplies available:

  • Foam rollers
  • Resistance bands
  • Lacrosse balls
  • Tiger Tail
  • Balance discs

We are a small business who care about our community. Virtual therapy is what our community needs right now, and we are happy to be ahead of the curve and offer this new service to all our existing, current, and prior patients.

We miss our patients and would love to see you!

Call us today at (703) 723 - 6758