The VIP Experience at AIDPPT II

We help you conquer pain and injury, so that you can become the athlete within you! 

The VIP Experience at AIDPPT II is the perfect solution for you.


Guaranteed 100% happy with your session or you do NOT pay!


The VIP Experience Pop-up's Current Location
Starting April 10th, 2023
Office #4
14424 Albemarle Point Place
Chantilly, VA 20151

What is the VIP Experience?

  • Private pay physical therapy, rehabilitation, and wellness services uniquely designed for YOU and YOUR specific goals.
  • We use the most thoroughly designed evaluation process to determine the root cause of your impairment.
  • Based on a thorough initial evaluation, your physical therapist will take their findings and explain your results and how it’s affecting your overall performance.

— The VIP Experience at AIDPPT II is the perfect solution for you. 

Treatments will vary from person to person—depending on your individual wants and needs with a heavy emphasis on personal attention.

We’ll use hands-on techniques such as massage, instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization, Dry Needling, and neuromuscular reeducation activities to help you learn how to engage the right muscles at the right time.

The result is symptom-free movement.

In addition, all VIPs receive exercise therapy to reinforce their newly gained range of motion and mobility along with a specifically designed home exercise program.

For best results, it’s recommended you come in more frequently if you are suffering from a new injury or one that is chronic and has not yet been solved. Increased frequency is the best way to ensure you’re progressing in the right direction (and is suggested if you feel that you won’t complete prescribed exercises at home).

Why VIP?

The VIP Experience was born out of the need and desire to meet the client’s goals of regaining a sense of self.`

If you enjoy living an active lifestyle and being able to take care of yourself and loved ones — then find yourself injured and unable to do the things you love, this could cause you to feel dependent, isolated, and disconnected.

Insurance companies care more about the bottom line than they do about the quality of care or the specific result you’re looking for.

We don’t want that for you… 

If you’re an athlete or active individual — your insurance company only cares about getting you back to being able to walk and take care of yourself.

Which is great — if that’s your goal.

That’s where The VIP Experience comes in. 

  • AIDPPT II does not participate with health insurance and here's why this is important and better for you.
  • Our VIP providers will determine what YOU need to achieve your goals, and we feel that not participating allows us to accomplish your goals, faster and more economically.
  • We find that insurance companies often dictate the care that you need that is in their best interest, not YOURS!
  • This enables us to achieve amazing results with people that take their health seriously.
  • At AIDPPT II payment is due at the time of service; however, we will provide you with receipts that you can use to submit to your health insurance provider for out of network reimbursement. Furthermore, you can use your flexible spending account or health savings account, if you have one.

The VIP Experience is the Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself To Preserve Your Way Of Life

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More About The VIP Experience…

  • A private one-on-one session for 25-, 50-, or 75-minute sessions
  • Receive a free 30-minute consultation without the obligation to purchase.
  • Guaranteed 100% happy with your session or you do NOT pay!
  • We do accept both health savings and flexible savings cards.
  • We offer a single session or package options.
    • All packages are discounted and sold in sets of ten.
    • Once your package expires you can purchase another package or pay as you go at a reduced rate.
  • Packages can be shared between family members who reside in the same household.
  • Scheduling and payments are all done online.
  • No authorization, referral, or prescriptions are required from your doctor’s office.
  • We are a paperless practice where all forms are completed and submitted online prior to your appointment.
  • You can message your physical therapist directly through our app.
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