Unveiling the Location of the New AID PPT Office


Hey guys, this is the day. We’re gonna unveil the location and what the pre-construction of AID. Our third office, so 3.0. And this’ll be a new and improved site that’s gonna blow every clinic that you ever seen outta the water. So let me take you through a tour of where we’re gonna be, and then I’ll unveil the location.

So welcome to AID version three. So this is the back of the office here. We’re gonna have three private treatment rooms here. And all of this walls, there’s so many walls here. Coming through here, all of this is gonna be taken down. Way too much. We’re gonna demolish this starting Monday. All of this stuff will be gone. We have so many walls. It’s ridiculous. No more bathroom. Plenty of light, plenty of windows here. This right here, this is the only wall that’s remaining because it’d be really expensive to move the electrical box. These walls will all be removed. And then we’ll have these walls. This is gonna be CEO, me, corner office and a parking lot. And that wall, this will all be turned into over here. This will all be taken down. This’ll be Jen’s [SP] office, our nutritionist’s office, massage room. And then turn all of this into a waiting, reception area. A new front office here when we come in. And this wall will be gone. It’s gonna be incredible. We’re moving.

So I’m really excited here. This is gonna be awesome. We’ve got plenty of parking. First floor, ground floor. And there’s a mail truck going by. We’re back again. There was a temporary disconnect. Here, and there’s around the building. 20925. That’s our office. We… Professional Plaza.

Will all be demolished. This’ll all be gone. The whole entire thing. So I’m excited to show you guys all the progress. You stay tuned. So all this. The bathroom will be gone. You guys have all seen the toilet before. Once again, in case you missed it. This is the office that’s gonna be mine. We’re gonna take down this wall. Take down this wall. All this cabinetry will be gone. They’ll be a separate front office from the rest of the gym area. This kitchen area, the kitchen will be in this area over here, but we’ll have it walled off and it’ll be over there. We’ll get rid… Another private room. This bathroom will be gone. Go in here. There used to be like an X-ray room in here. Closet will be gone. Another office. Little kitchen area. A back door. Coming through here, I’m back where we finished…where we started. What’s really nice, got some nice green space to look at out the windows. No looking at parking lot. Come back here. Oh, even some more. Some burning bushes. So this is gonna be fantastic.

So we’re really excited. We’re gonna be putting in some state of the art equipment. This is gonna be nothing like you’ve ever seen before in a physical therapy clinic. We’re gonna become the wellness center. Your place for personal training. Massage therapy with Melissa Baldwin, who’s on board now, contact us if you’re interested. Angela Marie [SP], she’s our nutritionist. Then we’re gonna start bring on small group training classes. We’re gonna be using this area. We’re gonna have classes on the weekends, and in the evenings, in the mornings. Post-rehab return to sport programs. You name it. If you got any other ideas for programs, we’re open for it. We’re gonna have cooking demonstrations. We’re gonna have chair massages done by Melissa where we have free massage come in, different social nights, massage and wine, learning to run seminars, learning to how to foam roll, learning proper running mechanics, strength training. You name it, we’ll have it for you.

Thank you for watching. We are really excited that we finally got the permits for construction. And we’re aiming to be in here this summer. The goal is hopefully the doors will be open by July 1st, 2017. Fingers crossed. We are…we’re happy, and I will be bringing you episodes of when the walls are all knocked down. Oh yeah, by the way, all this ceiling, gone. Gone. No more ceilings in here. So we’re super, super charged up. So come check us out. 20925 Professional Plaza, Suite 100. I believe it’s Suite 100, maybe 101. Yeah don’t quote me on that yet. Ashburn, Virginia, 20147. We’re on the corner of Claiborne Parkway and Ashburn Farm Parkway, across the street from Zinga. Everyone knows where Zinga… Next to that is a Starbucks. So you bring your kids over, come over…ah, screw that. Forget Starbucks, we’re gonna have a gourmet coffee machine here. You’re gonna get your lattes, and your mochas, vanilla, chocolate, everything is gonna be here for you. You’re not gonna wanna leave when you come here, you’re gonna wanna fight over who’s bringing who to physical therapy. So thank you for all for watching. Stay tuned for more. Over and out. Bye.


Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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