Three Easy Fixes to Prevent Pain at Home Today

Are you having back pain that started during quarantine?

Or even an old injury that has crept back up since working from home?

Are you working in a less than optimal home office?All these questions can be addressed quickly with these simple tips and tricks from our physical therapists at AID Performance PT.

1. Use a chair with a back. Good posture is extremely important to prevent back and neck pain.

2. Add a pillow or couch cushion to improve comfort by sitting on it or placing behind your low back.

3. Always strive for 90 degree angles at your elbows, hips, and knees when choosing a chair.

If you want to schedule an in-person visit or would like to try a Virtual Session give us a call at 703-723-6758.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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