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Are You Looking For An Easy Way To End Having to Live With Constant Stress & Tension?

Are You Hoping To AVOID Making The Same Mistake As Most Other Men and Women Age 35-64 Who Can’t Find A Way To Deal With Being DIS-Satisfied With How They Look And Feel?

If That’s YOU, Then Join Me & I Will Personally Help You De-Stress, Effortlessly Unwind and Have All Of Your Tension FINALLY Taken Care Of, Leaving You To Live Each Day With More Energy & Free To Rediscover Your Best Active Self.

Even If You’re Currently Overwhelmed, FEEL STUCK Or Just Not Sure What To Do About It you can be Done In 50 Minutes Or Less, Fully Guaranteed.

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Introducing The Busy Person’s Massage Package

To The Person Hoping To Put An End To Living With Stress, Tension And Tiredness, Searching For A Solution & Curious About Therapeutic Massage…

I appreciate that you’re most likely a busy person. And that you’ve got ten million things going on at the same time. You’re probably feeling as though you’re running on empty right now.

You deserve a real break. You’re probably staring at a to-do list a mile-long thinking, “when am I going to have the time to get through all this?

Let’s be honest: It’s hard to find people these days that aren’t thinking that way.

That’s why so many men and women are so stressed out, constantly tense and nearly always feeling tired. Pure and simple. Just about every person I know suffers from it.

But the problem for most is that they will convince themselves to believe “that’s just the way it is” and that nothing can be done about it.

So, believe me, you’re already ahead of 90% of the other people out there just by considering this new approach that means you can live free from all of these troubles. And to be blunt, you should be proud of yourself for that.

The Dangers Of The “Leave-It-Alone” Approach

It’s so easy for it to happen. One day you’re “chugging” along nicely and you think your health problems are way off in the distance, for worrying about another day, then suddenly…You feel something not quite right.

Maybe you even begin to kid yourself that it’s nothing and it will go away on its own, or you just pass it off as having just slept awkwardly or being a bit over whelmed at home or in the office lately.

But there’s no obvious reason why. No clue. No real explanation.

Then before you know it, you’re stuck. Weeks, months, and sometimes years go by and you’re STILL “spinning your wheels” or “stuck in a rut” that is sabotaging any chance of living your life with the energy, zest or enthusiasm that you deserve and once likely had.

I know of people who have gotten into a rut and remained there for more than 20 years. The BIG and classic mistake is to keep chugging along, hoping for the best and trying to work this thing out for themselves.

Seriously, this is NOT what I want for you. So, to GUARANTEE your chances of not ending your days blighted by stress, tension and energy loss, I’d like to give you an opportunity to stop it fast.

“Everything Done For You”

Here’s the deal: I’ll personally work with you to find the best treatments and techniques that “work” when it comes to ending stress and tension and help you to live with more energy and an enthusiasm.

This is Huge: I understand where you want to be. That you want to move away from constantly feeling tired, stressed, “on edge” and having to live with muscles so tight that you know in your heart, it’s only a matter of time before something more sinister happens to your health as a result.

How do I know this? Because not only have I been doing this for quite a while but I have also been in your shoes. I know the feeling of having muscles so tight that just getting out of bed in the morning is a feat in itself.

But the problem is that it’s very difficult to solve these problems on your own. And most people, if left to their own devices, NEVER really get anything done about it and so the problems build!

Great news: I can work with you 1 on 1 for as long as it’s needed to help lessen your tension, loosen your muscles and help you understand how to not get back into old habits that caused these issues in the first place. Our sessions together can be up to 50 minutes long and they will help you achieve that new and easier way of living - much FASTER than you ever could on your own.

“But I Think I’ll Just Wait And See How It Goes For A Few More Weeks!”

I’m going to be frank with you: Muscle aches, joint pains, frequent headaches, suffering tension, daily fatigue, stomach trouble, and difficulty relaxing, even a struggle to get off to sleep on a night…Each of these are warning signs from your body telling you that something is wrong and that something must be done, sooner than later.

Silencing these messages with painkillers, sleeping pills or other medication is rarely ever the best answer. The route of the “magic pill’ is loaded with side effects that no one wants to live with.

And let’s talk about those unwanted “knots” in your neck and shoulder muscles causing that tension, creating an unhealthy and awkward looking posture…attacking your body and zapping your energy.

Sound familiar to you? If so, I can take care of them for you.

Imagine having someone who could identify where the real problem is with your body and find the root causes of the tension and stress which is stopping you from getting through life as easy as it once was.

Believe me: Pills: Very bad idea! Massage: Very good idea. You’ll feel relief and peace as your tension melts away and feel better often instantly. Let me make that stiff neck or throbbing back pain a distant memory. Let me help you to lessen your stress and tension which will help to give you deeper and more restful sleep.

All of that would make a huge difference right? You bet it would!

Here Is “Just A Taste” Of What’s Waiting For You When You Hire Me To Work For You...

Here’s a taste of what will happen across the course of your treatment with me:

  • Discover the “laziest way ever” to end muscle tension, tightness and stiffness - all done for you by soft hands.
  • How YOU too can break out of the tension trap and train your body to become the most flexible and as loose as you could ever image (Hint: prepare to make your friends green with envy when you use this tactic).
  • Discover a simple yet dramatic change you can make to the way you sit and sleep that can decrease the stiffness and tension.
  • Know the curious truth about stretching correctly (Hint: tension and tightness will be a thing of your past).
  • The easiest way to carry on the relaxation at home - I’ll show you what to rub and where to rub to give yourself an on demand “5 minute make over” at home.
  • I’ll walk you through the key components of any long term successful stress and tension reduction program…transforming your body from being weak and tired, back into the flexible, easy to move workhorse that it should be.
  • Know the one simple change you can quickly and easy make to the way that you work - saving on years of unwanted stiffness (Hint: It’s so simple it always gets over looked).

And You’ll Be SHOCKED At How Good You’ll Feel In Just 1 Week…Perhaps Even Just A Few DAYS From Now!

Deep Therapeutic Massage is very natural, time proven, is much more enjoyable, better for your health and is miles more relaxing than any form of medication. And that’s just for starters.

Just think of how good you’ll feel living with like this:

  • I’ll press ‘delete’ and have you take a long break from muscle tension and tightness – anywhere and everywhere on your body.
  • Have vital oxygen and nutrients ‘wizzing’ round your body lifting your energy and boosting vitality – imagine how good life would be with this happening for you.
  • Having your bodies own natural feel good drugs (endorphins) released and circulating for hours if not days meaning relaxed muscles, calm nerves and stress “defused”.
  • Begin to walk around thinking miles more clearly and feeling much more positive about life because of the new and improved state of mind you’re now in.
  • Spend time with family and friends finally knowing that you’re able to really enjoy it because you’re NOT going to be pent up with stress or tension.
  • Able to go places and do MORE things with your children (or grandchildren) because you’re able to get a good night’s sleep free from muscle tension and the worry it causes.
  • Have your body perform with better efficiency meaning you can resist or recover from illness or disease, injury or strenuous activity much more quickly than before.
  • Enjoy a coffee or socializing with friends knowing you’re not going to be sharing with them any more “we’ve heard this one before” tales of tiredness or ill health (Hint: let someone have that much unwanted role).

And That’s Just For Starters - This Is Like “Relaxation On Steroids”!

Plus, there are many more great and healthy reasons for a regular therapeutic massage:

  • Reduce headaches and migraines with a “just for you” technique that can often work in an instant.
  • Tap into the hidden natural benefits of massage meaning no more medication or wasted trips to the doctor.
  • Discover a tested and proven way to improve circulation and remove toxins - fast!
  • With one simple “rub” of the head - feel how massage can deeply relax you and even send you into a deep “trance like state.”
  • Have “hot stones” placed on you in the perfect position to calm your senses and sooth your tired muscles.
  • Discover how good it is to live with more energy than you’ve previously ever known (hint: the kind most people can only dream about having).
  • Discover a natural ‘side effect free’ response to computer screen neck pain or every day back pain - instead of choosing pills and drugs.
  • Feel fresher, and as many longevity experts out there believe…enhance your youthful appearance, have younger looking skin, and even help you feel much younger than your years.
  • Replace fatigue with energy - if you’re frequently tired…drained at the end of the day…then you’ll find that a regular therapeutic massage can make a HUGE, positive difference meaning more energy left in the tank for after work play time with your friends or family (Hint: Living the life you are supposed to be living).
  • Provide you with the hope that comes with feeling less haggard, less tired, less limited and most of all, less OLD!...

As you can see, you’re going to get lots of tested and proven ways to generate an instant healthy lifestyle boost whatever your age and whatever your situation.

8 Reasons Why You Owe It To Yourself To Do This NOW!

Here are the most common reasons why women love to treat themselves to a relaxing massage:

  • Reason Why # 1: It’s about time that I had some quality ‘me’ time!
  • Reason Why # 2: I used to do this type of thing all the time before, but for some reason, I got out of the routine and forgot to start it up again.
  • Reason Why # 3: I’m fed up, tired & sick of feeling lethargic and it’s about time I did something about it.
  • Reason Why # 4: I’ve been working really hard and things have been tough at work and so now it’s about time I treated myself to a bit of a pamper session.
  • Reason Why # 5: Going for ‘yet another meal’ and even retail therapy has become stale and boring and it’s time I tried something new - because the old ways of relaxing just don’t work anymore like they once did.
  • Reason Why # 6: I want to live free from medication and I don’t want to be “that person” in my group of friends who everyone wants to AVOID because they’re forever reminding anyone who will listen of their health troubles.
  • Reason Why # 7: I want to make my friends of a similar age ‘green with envy’ when they realize I’m the one person in our group who really does value their health enough to go and actually do something about any issues.
  • Reason Why # 8: I want to do everything in my power to skip the years and years of moaning and groaning about getting older and feeling tense and stressed out, like so many other people I know are constantly doing.

Who Exactly is My Therapeutic Massage For Anyway?

I know you’re busy and I know how difficult it is to find me time in your hectic schedule for something like this - despite how vital it really is.

But you OWE it to yourself to do so. And it’s because no one else is ever likely to do it for you. And if you don’t make time soon, then that “someday” you keep promising yourself is a day that’s never likely to come.

That’s why YOU are perfect for something like this.

My massage package is expressively for the wearer of many hats, the person who just can’t resist adding more and more responsibility onto their own shoulders, who has many more things to do than time will allow for relaxation their days…

Children who always seem to need attending too, a career that is critically important or a home that needs 24-7 attention, you’re likely to be someone who often runs (not walks) through each day and as a result – has to suffer and watch as tension and stress levels inevitably rise – leaving you DIS-satisfied with how you look and feel and energy levels drained.

This will work: My massage program will ‘walk you by the hand’ and drastically re-engineer your relationship with feeling healthy, will help you achieve peak personal productivity and give your confidence back as you breeze through each day knowing that you’ve found a way that so many others out there are still looking for, to finally end having to live with pent up, unwanted stress and tension in your life.

And so if any of the above sounds familiar to you, then realize that I have created this treatment package especially for you.

Who Else Is Looking for A Fast Way To Please Someone Special? Perhaps You’re Considering a Massage For Your Partner?

If that’s you, then you’re looking in the right place.

And this is the FASTEST WAY into your partner’s good graces that I can think of!

After all, who doesn’t love being pampered like this?

And after 50 minutes with me…WHATEVER it is, all will be forgiven.

And let’s be honest: If I can make your “other half” (perhaps your “better half”) to feel more relaxed, to de-stress and have their muscles more relaxed, even give them much more energy and put a spring back in their step, then surely life will be much easier for YOU at home too?

Here are 3 reasons why your partner needs this that gives you a real excuse to get back in the good books:

  • My Partner Would Love This Reason # 1: He or She has been overworked lately, or things have been tough and you know it’s about time you treat him or her.
  • My Partner Would Love This Reason # 2: You regularly do treat him or her but you know that going for ‘yet another meal’ has become a bit boring and stale.
  • My Partner Would Love This Reason # 3: You love your own alone time where you get the house to yourself and your partner gets a pamper session from me. We call that WIN-WIN.

So, Who Am I And Why Should You Choose Me And My “On Demand” End To Your Stress And Tension?

Here’s the deal…

The first thing I need you to know about me is that I’m NOT a qualified Physical Therapist like Andrew and the rest of the team here are. So, if it’s a full injury severity checkup you are after, or a guided start to end recovery plan to nurse you back from a specific injury, then I’m not the right person to do that but our PT team here at AID Performance Physical Therapy can help with that.

But I do work with our team and that’s one of the things that makes me so different from all the others out there. I’m a Licensed Massage Therapist that works alongside expert Physical Therapists. So, I am fine-tuning my skills, on a daily basis, under the guidance of experts.

In other words, once you come in and sample these techniques and everything I have to offer, it’ll be like finding your own stress-busting machine, one that you can access and plug in whenever you need it.

…And the best thing is, it really is a “set and forget” type session. You will arrive, set yourself on my massage table and begin to quickly forget all your stresses and strains.

Better still, it’s ON DEMAND! And you can access my skills whenever you need.

I have everything you need…whether you’ve been stressed out for years, or at the very beginning and hoping like mad NOT to fall into the trap like so many others out there do and have spent so much of their life at the mercy of muscle tension or pent up stress.

Would You Like To Try Therapeutic Massage?
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Warning! “A Severe Relaxation Alert Is Happening Near You”

The real benefits of an effective massage:

  • Relax tight shoulder and neck muscles
  • Ease the aches and pain of back stiffness
  • Release tension and reduce headaches
  • Invigorate tired muscles
  • Relax better after a hard week at work

Ok, Let’s Talk About The Real Cost Of Coming To See Me...

Do you know if you took the cost of a single session Swedish massage and divided it per day in a month it comes out to less than $5.00. That is cheaper than your daily Starbucks visit, lunch out at a restaurant or even less than the cost of a gym membership that many forget they’re paying for each month!!

Fact is, something like this should never even be about price. Ever. It is more about priorities and values. And one thing I always point out is that this type of thing is not for everyone.

Massage is only for those people who hold their priorities and values dearly. Because I’ve learned over the years, that it’s almost impossible to really help the person who doesn’t.

And if your priorities and values include:

  • Doing things and going places with your family - worry and stress free.
  • Being active and playing with children (or grandchildren).
  • Exercising daily or walking regularly with friends.
  • Being able to look forward to a good night’s sleep.
  • Living free from medication.
  • Going to work and coming home feeling less stress and tense.
  • Not wanting to be ‘that person’ in your circle of friends who everyone else hopes to avoid because you’re forever reminding them of your health troubles…

Then a massage will definitely help you to achieve or hang on to all of them. Because if you’re prepared to swap that cup of coffee or bringing lunch from home per day over the course of the next month, you’ll have gained a whole new way of living - something that is way more valuable.

As well as everything else I’m going to do for you, you’ll also leave with lots of handy hints and tips that if you apply faithfully, will make a dramatic difference to your health and life each day.

See you on my soft massage table!

Go It Alone, or Done For You - Guaranteed

P.S. Think about what’s on offer here: The best thing about getting someone else (me) to sort this frustration for you is that you can hold them accountable for the results.

It’s so hard to find ways to relax that really work. And let’s be honest, unless you’re one of the lucky ones whose partner “gets it” and is able (and wants) to do this sort of thing for you, you’re going to need to find someone else.

My service is “Grade A” and you can hold all of my skills and my techniques fully accountable. If you are not satisfied with the massage, you will not pay.

It means that trying my therapeutic massage service is totally “win-win!” And all of the risk is transferred to us. Either we deliver on our promise, or you walk out without paying. SO there’s no way you can make a mistake by just saying you will try it.

P.P.S. Just think what 50 minutes of a soothing, relaxing, deep therapeutic massage and having someone work your muscles would do to transform the way you look and feel about yourself. You can have that happen to you in the next few days so make an appointment today!

Would You Like To Try Therapeutic Massage?
Just Click Here or Call: 571-422-8528

“Fill Out the Form to Arrange YOUR Massage”

Leave Your Details and We'll Get Back to You Soon...

We guarantee 100% privacy. Your information will not be shared.