The Hot Seat with Melissa Baldwin

Andrew: Hey it’s Andrew Dombek from AID Performance Physical Therapy and today I have my special guest. This is Melissa Baldwin. She is our newest addition to our practice and she is gonna be our massage therapist. How are you doing today?

Melissa: I’m doing pretty good. How are you?

Andrew: Yes, are you excited to be joining the staff here?

Melissa: Oh yes.

Andrew: We are excited to have you. Today we are doing our Hot Seat and let’s get started with our five questions. First question, if you could pick one super hero to come to your rescue, would it be Superman, Spider-Man, or Batman, and why?

Melissa: I’d probable say Spider-Man. Just because I don’t know. I’m not big on Batman and I think Superman has rescued so many other people. Spider-Man is pretty cool, like you know we could swing around and climb buildings.

Andrew: That’s pretty good. This is a serious question. I thought I had all fun ones. What do you think about getting older?

Melissa: Well, you know sometimes you just don’t wanna get older. But there’s a lot of good things about getting older. You know, you’d look back on your past and what you’ve learned, and how you can help other people, and just… It’s a, it will be a fun ride getting older, you know.

Andrew: Yeah, definitely it’s you know one of those things that is like, “Man, if I had the knowledge now back then, how things would be much different.”

Melissa: Oh gosh yes, absolutely. I think about that a lot.

Andrew: And then this morning we talk about getting older and what is considered old school to us versus someone who is in their 20s. So, it was a funny debate that I had with Andrew this morning. It’s a constant what is considered classic rock and what is considered old school rap. Not Eminem, not Dr. Dre, not old school rap. So, anyways good answer.

Next question. If you could spend tomorrow doing anything you desired, what would you do?

Melissa: I probably and you’ll probably think I’m crazy but I would go to Hawaii and swim with sharks. I have always wanted to swim with sharks, I think they’re just amazing creatures and I just, I think that would be an amazing to do. And if I get bit I get bit in the you know, I’m in the ocean it happens. You know it’s like going camping and you get attacked by a bear you know.

Andrew: So when you do the swimming with the sharks, you wanna be in a cage or not in a cage?

Melissa: I guess I would start out in the cage just to kinda get a feel for them around and everything. And then get out and see how things go and stuff like that. I just think they’re just really interesting creatures and…

Andrew: No, they’re cool. I don’t know, I don’t know if I’m brave enough to do that. That is on my bucket list to get scuba certified. But yeah. I’ve seen one too many, you know, Open Water…

Melissa: Oh yeah.

Andrew: …too many movies, Jaws.

Melissa: Oh yeah.

Andrew: What would you buy if you had to spend $800 in eight hours.

Melissa: Oh boy, that would be. Well, I would definitely get some new running shoes. A couple of pairs so I’d have them for a while. And I would definitely have to get some stuff for the kids because you know they would be like, “Hey you got running shoes. I’ve always wanted this”

Andrew: It’s only $800 though.

Melissa: I know. Probably some new clothes and I don’t know. Stuff just…

Andrew: You wouldn’t be able to afford the new iPhone 10.

Melissa: Yeah, seriously. I don’t even know if I want the new iPhone 10.

Andrew: I know at first, I thought like maybe I wanted it. But then I’ve been reading more and I’m like maybe I will wait for iPhone 10S, or you know to get all the kinks out of this and everything and what not.

Melissa: And bring back the home button, because supposedly there’s no home button.

Andrew: Yeah, they said. I was reading they said that was one of the things that was getting, learning how to do all the maneuvers instead to drop to the home button so. Yeah, I’m due for a new phone but I had to pause because I was really excited for it and then after reading some more in the Washington Post yesterday. It’s just like, “Yeah you know maybe I’ll wait for the next one.”

Melissa: Well, it’s always with new whatever. You know especially technology. The first one is like, “Oh I wanna have that, I wanna have that.” But then there’s so many kinks and then you’re like, “Oh I should have waited.” You just never know so.

Andrew: Yeah, even Apple can’t get it right the first time. Next one is the last question. If you were stranded on a desert island. Which five objects would you bring?

Melissa: Oh boy, it’s like being on…

Andrew: Survivor?

Melissa: …survivor.

Andrew: Survivor or the one with Bear Grylls.

Melissa: Oh yeah, I like that one. Definitely a knife and some rope, and maybe like a rain jacket, or you know, something like a tarp or something. It would have to be easy to carry though and a knapsack I guess to hold everything in. So.

Andrew: If you use the sack, if you use the tarp and the rope.

Melissa: The tarp could be, you could always keep everything in it with that. And then a water bottle with some kind of filter capabilities that I would want.

Andrew: I think I’d probably a knife, a flint to start fire.

Melissa: Oh, right that’s true. Yeah, I didn’t think about that.

Andrew: Maybe a pot.

Melissa: Right.

Andrew: I don’t know. I’ve seen enough of those shows where you could use instead of rope get some vines and stuff like that.

Melissa: Right that’s true.

Andrew: You know a tarp probably isn’t a bad idea for shelter. God what else?

Melissa: I don’t know if I could get like the big…

Andrew: Lean-to kind of thing.

Melissa: Right make all that with the trees and stuff.

Andrew: What would be the last thing? I don’t know, I’m not super religious but maybe the Bible because that’s something I would like to read you know or.

Melissa: Yeah, or something you like to read like a book that you really like to, I mean.

Andrew: I never read a book more than once so.

Melissa: Oh, see yeah, I have.

Andrew: I don’t know, because then I could wind up if I needed to start a fire or something like that then I would wind up burning the book.

Melissa: Well that’s true.

Andrew: You don’t wanna burn the Bible. I don’t wanna burn Bibles don’t get me wrong here no, no, no.

Melissa: What do you think about a journal where you could write down your day and then write your own book and stuff like that you know?

Andrew: Yeah, rock paintings and stuff like that. I’m thinking like maybe, like hooks or something for fishing maybe.

Melissa: Yeah, that’s true. Yeah, that would be hard to figure out.

Andrew: You know hooks, I guess if you had a knife you could carve a spear and you could go spear fishing and you know something like that. God, I may actually watch more I can’t think of anything else. So anyways.

Melissa: I was thinking you could watch naked and afraid but [crosstalk 00:07:49].

Andrew: No, I’ve seen that…

Melissa: Oh god.

Andrew: …no I think you’re right, the one other thing I think the one other thing I probably maybe the water filter thing. I mean I know I could probably boil the water so that would but definitely need some sort of container to maintain the water. So, so yeah there we go. No books, no books.

But so anyways thank you for watching. Melissa stay tuned to watch. Melissa is going to be posting some blogs on our channel, some of the stuff that, questions that we had. What’s the difference between Effleurage, the Swedish massage versus a Hot stone massage and those kind of things as well as what is, how is massage beneficial when I’m going through physical therapy? And so go ahead if you’re interested and signing up for massage. You can give us a call we have, she does quick massages, hour long massages, so she is filling up fast so call now 703-723-6758 if you wanna schedule an appointment with Melissa. Well thank you.

Melissa: Thank you.

Andrew: Talk to you soon, bye.

Melissa: Bye.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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