Get Back With Dombek Episode 2: Dr. Robin West

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Because today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight a woman and a mom on this weeks podcast.  Episode 2 features the distinguished Dr. Robin West, a mom, a wife, a friend, and an overall badass in her profession!  Who says you cannot have it all, not her! Listen to her story about how she…

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Get Back With Dombek: Episode 1 Conor Mullee

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    Our first guest is none other than Conor Mullee, formerly of the Broad Run Spartans, who is the picture of resilience and dedication in his journey from 24th round pick to the New York Yankees!!!  Listen and learn how Conor went from Broad Run High School to the majors after undergoing not 1…

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Are you and your kids bored of doing the same exercise routine? Try It’s Easy as ABC Workout: 26 Exercises for You and Your Kids

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@Aidppt_ashburn @hessan8r @andrewdombek, and Dr. Sara White teamed up with Blogger Sarah Hood@SaraLoveStyle to perform the It’s Easy as ABC Workout: 26 Exercises for You and Your Kids. This workout requires no equipment just a little space, some imagination (possibly) , and you! Tunes are included! There are no breaks so try and keep up…

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Can You Do Toe Yoga? A Tip To Show Off Your Summer Footwear Pain-free

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Can You Toe Yoga? Andrew: Welcome to AID Performance Physical Therapy presents, summertime shoe wear. Hey, there. It’s Andrew Dombek from AID performance physical therapy. And this is my partner in crime… Maryanne: Maryanne Chalmers, a physical therapist at AID. Andrew: And we’re here to show you an exercise that if you can’t do, then…

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3 Things You Could Be Doing That Make Knee Pain Worse

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Have you ever experienced knee pain? The kind that slows you down in life, bothers you when you walk up and down the stairs, hurts every time you bend down, aches when you sit, and generally leaves you feeling frustrated wondering when it’s finally going to disappear… If that sounds like you, you’re not alone.…

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Why Knee Pain Gets Worse When You Exercise And How To Ease It…

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Why Knee Pain Gets Worse When You Exercise And How To Ease It…   Got this question sent to me yesterday by a “confused” reader of my blogs who is suffering with knee pain.. === I am rehabbing my knee on my own. Not sure what I did.  I had irritation of my knee cap…

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Make Your Valentines Day About More Than Just Flowers and Candies

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  With Valentines Day a week away,  if you are like most of us and procrastinate, now would be the perfect time to start planning what you want to buy for your loved one – so by the time Valentines Day comes round, you’re not in trouble! 😉 But the question always is – what…

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Who Are You Calling Old?

who you calling old

The Aging Athlete: How to stay at the top of your game after 40 if you are not Tom Brady. The Super Bowl is coming up this Sunday and one of the questions I get a lot is how can I stay in shape and continue to compete with these young bucks when I just…

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How do you figure out the difference between a Dietitian and a Nutritionist…and other facts about AID’s own Allison Tepper, RD

In case you missed it on Facebook live here is the replay of when Allison sat down with me for our always fun and exciting Hot Seat Segment:       What conditions do you work with as a Dietitian?   I have experience working with all types of client needs including weight gain, weight…

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5 Realistic Ways To Stay Active & Healthy, Even When Life Feels ‘Too Busy’

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A few weeks back some of our patients were chatting in the waiting room in our clinic while enjoying a cup of coffee, and the conversation was all about wanting to get fitter, but why sometimes it’s so hard to stay in shape. They all agreed that they knew they needed to exercise, sleep more,…

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