Get Back With Dombek Episode 3: Richie Burke, Washington Spirit

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It is Sunday morning and here is your latest edition of the popular Get Back With Dombek Podcast Episode 3 with Richie Burke the Manager of our hometown woman’s professional soccer team The Washington Spirit!  Richie calls the Washington area home after come here from Liverpool in the UK to play professional soccer right here…

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Get Back With Dombek Episode 2: Dr. Robin West

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Because today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight a woman and a mom on this weeks podcast.  Episode 2 features the distinguished Dr. Robin West, a mom, a wife, a friend, and an overall badass in her profession!  Who says you cannot have it all, not her! Listen to her story about how she…

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Get Back With Dombek: Episode 1 Conor Mullee

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    Our first guest is none other than Conor Mullee, formerly of the Broad Run Spartans, who is the picture of resilience and dedication in his journey from 24th round pick to the New York Yankees!!!  Listen and learn how Conor went from Broad Run High School to the majors after undergoing not 1…

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Can You Do Toe Yoga? A Tip To Show Off Your Summer Footwear Pain-free

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Can You Toe Yoga? Andrew: Welcome to AID Performance Physical Therapy presents, summertime shoe wear. Hey, there. It’s Andrew Dombek from AID performance physical therapy. And this is my partner in crime… Maryanne: Maryanne Chalmers, a physical therapist at AID. Andrew: And we’re here to show you an exercise that if you can’t do, then…

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