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I hope you are doing well! We may or may not have seen each other in a while and I wanted to give you a heads up on some exciting news for you!

The following is nothing new, the staff and I have been making educational and entertainment video content to help you with your ailments and because we like to give back to you. Nevertheless for the past 2 years, I have spent a lot of time making a variety of physical therapy and sports medicine content that is both educational and entertaining. But let's face it I have a full time job and I do not have the most time or skills on being able to disseminate this material to my email list during this time. (But not for the lack of trying)

It has been really hard to find someone who understands our message and is able to make it fun and educational for you, with that we recently were able to hire an expert social media marketer and former client of ours, Luke Goodwin. to help get these videos polished and published on our social media channels.

Obviously you have been able to follow us on on our website, Instagram (@aidppt_ashburn) and on Facebook (under my personal account Andrew Dombek or the business page if you really search you could fine us on TikTok under AIDPPT or Andrew Dombek. AID Performance Physical Therapy even has a YouTube Channel

In case you live under a rock and you were not aware that the fastest growing sport in America is now Pickleball (PB) , which has 3 professional leagues that has backers from the likes of Lebron James, Mark Cuban, Kevin Durrant, Tom Brady and many more! The great thing about PB is it can be played by everyone of any age, you can play singles, doubles, mixed doubles, and it can be played indoor or outdoor. So that being said if you haven't been around me in a while or seen me much it is because I am addicted to pickleball. We are seeing a log of pickleball injuries as a result of the growth of the sport so to meet the demand and my obsession (Noah is addicted too and I have yet to beat him; what happened to the days when you let your boss win one every now and again LOL.

So on behalf of myself, Luke, Noah, Sarah and Rodrigo (yes we dragged them into our "cult") we wanted to present to you our newest channel on TikTok DrDink_PT which has plenty of pickleball and physical therapy content that you cannot find on our other channels! I hope you help join me in my latest obsession and come out and play or simply follow us on one of our social media channels. Press play below to see one of our latest TikToks!

Thank you for your support!

Andrew and the team at AIDPPT

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI