Getting a Handle on Chronic Systemic Inflammation

What is Inflammation?

There are two types of inflammation--acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is our body’s natural defense against injury, disease and infection.

Physiologically, blood flow is increased to the area, which helps deliver substances that facilitate the healing process. Acute inflammation starts rapidly and becomes severe in a short period of time – from days to weeks.

The signs are: red, hot, swollen and pain.

People In A Heightened Inflammatory State Will Have A Bigger Reaction Of Pain And It Will Linger Longer.

Chronic systemic inflammation is your body’s response to persistent toxic overload when its defenses are depleted. Every day toxic stressors bombard your body. These could be environmental, nutritional, emotional, or lifestyle toxins. Some of these toxins you have control over and some you do not. These toxic stressors create what is called free radicals. Free radicals attack and damage the cells and DNA of your body, which leads to a chronic inflammatory state.

Toxins = Free Radicals = Oxidative Stress = Chronic Inflammation

This chronic inflammatory state perpetuates oxidative stress and mitochondrial dysfunction causing tissue damage. It keeps your body in a constant state of alert and lasts from months to years. Chronic systemic inflammation lacks any obvious signs or symptoms and has been called the “Silent Epidemic.”

When You Get A Person Who Is In A High Inflammatory State And An Acute Inflammatory Episode Occurs It Is Like Throwing Gasoline On A Fire

Why Should You Care?

Chronic systemic low-grade inflammation is linked with many chronic diseases such as Heart Disease, Diabetes, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Stroke, Allergies, Arthritis and Premature Aging to just name a few.1 Greater than 133 million Americans or 45% have at least one chronic condition. This accounts for 75% of healthcare spending, and these numbers are growing.

Our goal with this program is not to treat or cure disease. That is beyond the scope of this program. But research and statistics demonstrate the extent of this problem in our society.

However, we aim to treat whatever painful condition you’ve presented us with. As the newest member of your health and wellness team, it’s our duty to present you with ways to improve your condition. Our goal is to give you the best possible shot at achieving your goals as quickly as possible.

Chronic inflammation is a low-level fire that’s constantly burning. This fire perpetuates body pain making acute and chronic pain conditions more chronic. 2 When you’re in a heightened chronic inflammatory state and have an acute injury, it’s like throwing gasoline on that fire. Thus, a heightened level of chronic inflammation makes recovery from injury more difficult.

Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals: The Silent Killers

What are causes of the chronic inflammatory state?

  • Genetics – “yes but it is a factor that we cannot control”
  • Disease – “yes, but we also have a chicken and egg situation there”
  • Habits
  • Diet
  • Drugs
  • Environmental – air, water
  • Occupational
  • Emotional – stress and cortisol
  • Bio toxins – yeasts, molds and fungus
  • Sleep
  • Lifestyle choices – smoking, obesity, sun stress, alcohol, dining out

“The toxins that are body is introduced to on a daily basis create free radicals and oxidative stress which results in inflammation. Chronic inflammation is becoming known as the “silent killer” or the “silent epidemic”. It is linked with most all disease states. The body defends against free radicals by its antioxidant network.”

“How can we affect the toxic assault on the body? We have one Education, but education of what?”

Anyone have a clue?

Here is a hint: “Antioxidants battle chronic inflammation.”

Still got nothing?

What about Nutrition?

For all intents and purposes this is the only way we have to battle chronic inflammation and it is something that has been missing from my practice.

There’s a key problem with nutrition. People turn a blind eye and deaf ear to it. We all know that most of America is overweight, but nobody is willing to listen let alone act on it.

It takes 8-12 serving of fruits and vegetables per DAY to get to the level of antioxidants that the body needs to defend against toxic overload.

Who is going to be willing to do that in our society? There are too many factors working against it.

  • 1) TIME - best way to get that many Fruits and vegetables is to juice and to do that the best time is first thing in the am. Now you have to get up a half hour earlier.
  • 2) COST - has to be organic. Industrial fruits and vegetables are not only devoid of antioxidants, but are laden with chemicals that will increase the toxic load.
  • 3) LIFESTYLE - lifestyle changes are arguably the hardest habit change for a human to make.
  • 4) PALATE CHANGES - Let me try to pry you away from your salty, sweet and bitter obsessions. Retraining movement habits is one thing, but retraining taste is another. It is something that brings people so much comfort and pleasure.

Nevertheless, our mission at AID Performance Physical Therapy is to ‘empower people to make better health and wellness decisions’.

How are we going to do this for you?

We are going to take a functional medicine approach to this problem. That has several components: one decreases the toxic load on the body, two decreases the inflammation and lastly feed the body what it needs to thrive.

This problem is not going to go away, in fact it will get worse and worse as the toxins increase around us and the food supply gets worse. It is our belief that we are going to be dealing with people who are more in an inflammatory state than ever before. This is something we need to get a handle on to help you, my friends, achieve health and wellness.

How are we going to do this you might be asking? We suggest that you decrease the toxic load and improve dietary choices. The hope is that you will do little bits that will make a difference to bring yourself down below threshold. Every little bit is going to help. The problem is that most of you need a control alt delete (you know a reboot).

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Are you Inflamed? Why should you care? Your life may depend on it!

Know your number! Inflammation is how your body responds to defend itself against toxins. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body is under constant attack from various toxins - some of which you have control over and some you do not.

Every day toxic stressors bombard your body. These toxic stressors create what is called free radicals. Free radicals attack the cells of your body damaging them, which leads to a chronic inflammatory state.

Toxins = oxidative stress = inflammation.

Chronic inflammation has become known as ‘The Silent Epidemic’. It has a hand in many chronic diseases like diabetes, stroke, heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, obesity, arthritis, kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and respiratory diseases. Chronic inflammation itself is not a disease it is a mechanistic process. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Some signs and symptoms of chronic inflammation are body pain, fatigue and insomnia, depression, anxiety, mood disorders, gastrointestinal issues (constipation, diarrhea and acid reflux), weight gain and frequent infections.

Although there are blood tests that can be performed for chronic inflammation (serum protein electrophoresis, etc.) they are not considered highly effective and are usually only done when inflammation is associated with another medical condition. Thus, there are no routine test for this ‘silent killer’

…Until now.

Let me introduce you to the S3 BioPhotonic Scanner...

The scanner measures the level of antioxidants in your body. Your anti-oxidant network is your body’s defense against free radicals and thus chronic inflammation. Instead of measuring the inflammatory state of your body directly we can measure the level of your body’s defenses to chronic inflammation. If your antioxidant network is low, your body is in a higher inflammatory state and is more susceptible to pain and disease.

Once you know your number you can then make the necessary changes to improve your number and thus improve your body’s defenses. One of our goals at our clinic is to help you make better decisions about your health and wellness. That is why we have invested in this scanner and are making it an integral part of our health and wellness programing. This is prevention at its best. As you make the necessary changes we can then retest to see if they are having a positive effect.

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Don’t Believe Me, What About The Following Research?

In a 2014 study, researchers looked at the influence of the level of chronic inflammation on the one-year recovery of lumbar radicular pain with disc herniation. They found that those patients who were in a higher chronic inflammatory state were over three times less likely to recover in a year and had higher levels of pain. Basically, pain was shorter in duration for those who were in less of a chronic inflammatory state and was longer in duration for those in a higher chronic inflammatory state.3 In 2017, another group of researchers supported this study finding that people who were in a lower inflammatory state had improved recovery after an episode of acute low back pain.2

Another 2016 study showed that chronic back pain patients (spinal stenosis and degenerative disc disease) had a higher level of chronic inflammation when compared to acute back pain (herniated disc) patients and control group.4 Another study found that patients with severe sciatica were in a higher systemic inflammatory state then those with mild sciatica and those without pain.20 We also know that not everyone that has spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease has pain. This indicates that when you’re in a higher inflammatory state, you’re more likely to have pain when a degenerative condition is present.

In 2017, researchers found that people in acute low back pain were in a higher chronic systemic inflammatory state when compared to controls.5 In a 2016 study of people with low back pain compared to a control group, researchers concluded that the measurement of systemic inflammation may be a biomarker for the prediction of low back pain.6

To sum up this research chronic systemic inflammation perpetuates body pain causing it to last longer in duration and to be more intense.

Environmental Toxins

  • Pollution, chemicals, radiation, molds
  • The water we drink, the air we breathe

Toxins in Your Body

  • Yeasts, Bacteria, Heavy Metals, Drugs-

Emotional toxins

  • Stress

Lifestyle choices

  • Alcohol, Smoking, Sun stress, Dining out

Chemical Toxins

  • Pesticides, Herbicides and Antibiotics

Nutritional choices

  • Processed foods, Sugar Toxicity, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Gluten, Trans Fats, GMO’s, Chemically derived food additives, artificial colors, preservatives, “natural flavors”, Industrial meats that contain antibiotics, GMO’s and other feed additives to “boost” the animals.

Chronic inflammation has become known as ‘The Silent Epidemic’. It has a hand in many chronic diseases like Diabetes, Stroke, Heart Disease, Cancer, Alzheimer’s, Obesity, Arthritis, Kidney Disease, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Allergies and Respiratory Diseases. Chronic inflammation itself is not a disease it is a mechanistic process. It’s a lifestyle choice.

Risk factors for chronic inflammation:

  • Age. There is a positive correlation between age and pro-inflammatory molecules.
  • Obesity. Studies have shown BMI is proportional to some inflammatory molecules.
  • Diet. Diets rich in saturated fat, trans-fats and/or refined sugar is associated with pro-inflammatory molecules.
  • Smoking. Smoking lowers the production of anti-inflammatory molecules and inducing inflammation.
  • Low sex hormones. Testosterone and estrogen can suppress the production and secretion of several pro-inflammatory markers.
  • Stress. Both physical and emotional stresses are associated with pro-inflammatory molecule release.
  • Sleep. People with irregular sleep disorders are more likely to have chronic inflammation than consistent sleepers.

Get scanned today to learn if your body is suffering from toxic overload?

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