How Nutrition Can Help With Your Pain and Inflammation

Andrew: Hey, guys. How are you doing today? It’s Andrew from AID Performance Physical Therapy. We’re here at the AID Performance Physical Therapy Studios. Once again, I have Angela Mari as a guest of ours. She’s our integrative health coach from GoodLife Nutrition. She works right out of our office, and today we’re gonna talk about…Angela actually brought it to our attention. There was an article on the APTA’s website. The APTA is the American Physical Therapy Association, and there’s an article about how nutrition and physical therapy go hand in hand, and Angela is kind enough to kind of go over some of the things that nutrition can help with to aid in your recovery for physical therapy. So, take it away.

Angela: Yeah, it was actually a really interesting article for me to read, because I knew I was gonna be speaking to the AID staff, and there’s a huge relationship. Nutrition and physical therapy are supportive services. They really work very well together, and I asked a couple of the physical therapists, “What are you seeing a lot in our clinic?” And the top three reasons, I think, one was pain, one was decreased mobility, and another one, I think, was inflammation, and those are some key complaints that we can address nutritionally as well.

So, pain. One of the very related conditions with pain is obesity. It’s extra weight that you’re carrying, and with the integrative nutrition support that I provide, we can very easily get to the root cause of the excess weight gain, and that supports the work that Andrew and the staff are doing with you here. Along with pain, also, there are some problems that come out with the medications that are associated with pain management.

There’s opioid medication and NSAID medications that are very necessary, but there are some side effects that are associated with these medications. Constipation with opioid use. There’s some digestive discomfort and damage with NSAID use. So I do a lot of work with clients that have those problems, just kind of alleviating some of those symptoms that come from these necessary pain medications.

Another big one is inflammation, and that’s a big one in the physical therapy world but also in the nutrition world. There are a lot of inflammatory foods that we don’t know that we’re eating, and by eliminating some of these foods, we can improve our symptoms of arthritis, swelling, joint pain, and by improving those symptoms, we kind of, in turn, increase mobility and also improve the outcomes of your physical therapy work. So, yeah, that inflammation and that increased mobility kind of works hand in hand.

And then I think in one of our previous videos, he mentioned that a lot of people are asking about these spices that you’re hearing a lot about in magazines and on podcasts. Tumeric being one of the popular supplements right now. Very, very good for inflammation. And, of course, I don’t recommend taking these without speaking with a healthcare professional first. But that is one of my go-to inflammation supplements that I use with a lot of patients with arthritis or any other type of joint discomfort.

So, the bottom line is that nutrition care and nutrition therapy really walks hand in hand with physical therapy and can very dramatically improve your outcome.

Andrew: So, Angela brought up some big things, and our mission here is to help people who’ve been injured and are inactive and are trying to return to their active lifestyle without the use of medication, injections, or surgery. And this is why we brought Angela in to help us with that, because a lot of times you go to the doctor and they give you a prescription of rest and medications, whether it’s opioids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which are NSAIDs, Advil, Aleve, Motrin, and that kind of thing.

And we believe in keeping you mobile and helping you maintain your quality of life because opioid addiction is a huge epidemic now, and taking these medications have just severe side effects. My dad did the manual labor all his life, and he used to pop Advil all the time, and it wrecked his kidneys, and so he can no longer…he’s in pain, and he can no longer take any drugs for that. Luckily, his son is a physical therapist, and we’re able to provide him with some hands-on physical therapy that includes massage as well as dry needling.

Just the other day, he was in helping me, he was on his hands and knees, working and putting together my desk, and he was complaining of pain and everything, and such, but dry needling helped. But I know for someone like him, it would be very interesting that, “All right, I can’t take these drugs. What can I have naturally that will help me supplement this so when I am having a bad day or inflammation from arthritis, because as we get older, what are some great things?” So, now I think about it, I’m gonna send my dad your way.

Angela: Please do.

Andrew: So he can get some of these questions answered. Well, thank you for watching. That was really informative. Please email me or Angela your questions about nutrition or physical therapy. And if you have any in-depth, personal questions and you wanna speak to one of us in person, you can call us. Our number is 703-723-6758, and that’s our main number here, and you can request to speak to Angela or one of our expert physical therapists here. And then if you’re interested after that, we can set up an in-person discovery visit. Both of us offer those, where you come in, and we get to know exactly what your problem is and what exactly your goal. Freedom, independence, quality of life, those are all important to us, as I’m sure they’re important to you. So, thank you again, Angela.

Angela: Thank you.

Andrew: We’ll be doing some more of these segments as we go on. Thanks for watching. Have a good day.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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