Episode 9: 5 Questions with Jen Travis, Office Manager for AIDPPT

Andrew: Hey there, it’s Andrew Dombek, this is “The Anyday Happenings of a Physical Therapist” blog. I believe this is Episode 9 and we’re starting a new segment. It’s called “Five Questions.” And today, we’re doing five questions with the new Office Manager for AID Performance Physical Therapy. This is Jen Travis.

Jen: Hey, everybody. How are you?

Andrew: Hey. So, we got five questions. Jen’s come to us from…was it Spine and Pain?

Jen: National Spine and Pain.

Andrew: National Spine and Pain and she’s got a lot of years of experience as an Office Manager and she’s gonna help AID move into the future in performance and wellness. So, let’s start our questions today.

If you could spend the weekend in any city, which would you choose?

Jen: Oh gosh, there are so many amazing cities. I would say it would either be a toss between like Dallas, Texas, or New Orleans. They’re two places I get to go to that seem really fun, lots going on. So I think those would be my two places.

Andrew: All right. What did you disagree with when you were younger that makes sense now?

Jen: God, my mom’s not watching, I hope.

Andrew: You said she’s not technologically savvy, so…

Jen: Now you just threw me under the bus. Gosh, there are so many rules I broke as a kid. I would say looking out for my younger siblings which I actually do totally get now. You definitely need to look after your younger siblings even though you don’t want them tagging along. But they do look up to you and they do come to you from time to time for help and support and you want to foster that throughout your life, so.

Andrew: Cool. If you could have dinner with anyone from the past or present, who would it be?

Jen: I think Lucille Ball would be a hoot. I think she would be a hoot to have dinner with. I think she would just make me laugh and that’s awesome.

Andrew: That’s a good one. Speaking of dinner, what’s the yummiest thing you can cook?

Jen: From scratch, right down to the flour, I actually just made them this past weekend, pierogies.

Andrew: Oh, good pierogies. Sounds good. Can’t wait to try them. And last question is, do believe in aliens?

Jen: Absolutely not.

Andrew: So that wraps up our segment of five questions. And I want to throw in another plug. Now that Jen is on board, we’re now looking for a full-time and part-time receptionist to work with us at our current location. And then, when and if we ever sign our lease for the new location, come March or April. So, look at my Facebook page and look on the website and check your emails for the button to apply for the job. You can send me a note that you’re interested in applying and I will attach you to the lead pages. And that’s about it.

Keep your questions and comments coming and I can discuss them on our next blog. So that’s it, over and out. Have a great weekend.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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