Episode 7: Happy Birthday and Updates from the Home Office

Hi there, it’s Andrew again. How are you guys doing today? This is I think the seventh episode of The Any Day Happenings of a Physical Therapist. Sorry to have missed you guys last week. A lot is going on been very, very busy and I want to catch you up on a lot of things. First and foremost I got to give a big shout out to my beautiful best friend and wife Tanya Brennan. Today is her birthday. So if you haven’t already wished her a happy birthday or send her a message, that would be awesome.

Aunt Sharon, we already got your message on the answering machine. Thank you for that. I will play that for her later. Also, let’s see, last week was my daughter’s birthday. So the Dombek household is in a party mode for about a week to 10 days. Eden, my beautiful daughter, my baby girl, is turning nine, and I should say she turned nine already last weekend. My wife came up with the idea of having a birthday party at a hotel.

So Eden and seven or eight of her best friends, they spent the night in a hotel. We took them swimming, then they had cake and pizza, and then they played the tail and donkey, who knows Eden best quiz game. There were prizes. I think they painted their nails, toenails, watched a movie at the hotel room, and I think everyone had a great time. So I think those pictures are up on Facebook as well. Let’s see what’s been going on. We are super busy at work. Lots of things have been going on.

Let’s see. Let’s start with… We have picked a new location, we are moving March 1st. We’ll be moving over to off of Waxpool Road in the corner of Waxpool and Red Rum, It will be behind the horizon, more details to follow. And as a result with the growth of the business, we are adding a new physical therapist we’re looking for. We’re adding personal training, group fitness, yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, nutritionists, as well as our physical therapy.

If you know anyone who’s interested in coming to work for us in any of those jobs, I think you can go to my web page at www.aidperformancept.com or you can go to my Facebook page and you click on a link there. Just shoot me an email if you’re interested or pass this on to someone who might be interested.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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