Episode 6: Friday Night Lights

Hey, this is Andrew Dombek from “The Any Day Happenings of a Physical Therapist” and I’m here live on Friday Night Lights in Ashburn. And I get a lot of questions from my clients who say, “Why are you at all of the local sporting events?” I say, “That’s a great question.” Besides the community service and I love being at the sporting events, our mission at AID Performance Physical Therapy is to help athletes get back on the field as fast as possible, bigger, stronger, and without pain. So, I spend my Friday nights at high school football games and I provide consultation and assistance to the athletic trainers and keep track of my current clients that are playing on the football team. So, keep your questions coming. Thank you for watching “The Any Day Happenings of a Physical Therapist.” This is short blog. You can follow me at @AIDPPT on Twitter. Email me your questions at ADombek@AIDPPT.com. Thank you for watching this latest episode.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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