Episode 2: Hickeys and Body Tape

Hey. This is the second episode of The Any Day Adventures of a Physical Therapist. I’m Andrew Dombek. I’m your host. I just want to show you the location for today’s happenings. Very inspirational. Since we’re on the water, I wanted to talk about a couple of things I’ve been getting questions about from the Olympics. Two questions that I’ve received are what are all the purple circles on the backs of the swimmers and how about the tape that Kerri Walsh Jennings is wearing on her shoulder and back. The answers to those questions are almost one and the same.

Why are people getting the cupping, as it’s called, is because they’re trying to increase the blood flow to the area of the muscles that help with their recovery. I liken it to getting hickeys. Think way back when. Some of you used to get hickeys. Did you get any benefit from having the hickey except embarrassment? Essentially, these are large hickeys. I equate it to a placebo effect. There isn’t really anything physically beneficial to this. I haven’t seen any research on the validity of cupping. I have a client who’s a pitcher for the New York Yankees. He used the cupping to help recovery as well but said that it did not provide the same relief as the dry needling technique that we offer in the office does.

The next question was what about the KT tape or kinesiology tape that Kerri Walsh is wearing, Kerri Walsh Jennings that is. Also, another no physiological studies have been proven or medical research has proven that wearing KT tape does anything other than another placebo. The only effect that it has had is that it can suck up swelling. If you have a big bruise, we can cut the pieces of tape into strips, apply it to the skin, and after a couple of days you pull off that tape and there’s a checkerboard from where the tape was and it’s clear skin. Where there wasn’t tape, it’s still black and blue.

Wearing the KT tape, people say it helps kind of reposition the body kind of [inaudible 00:02:52] meaning to give your body a sense of where the shoulder should be. For an athlete like Kerri Walsh I think it’s a psychological thing. She’s had so much issues and surgery to her shoulder. She’s been doing it for so long is part of the reason. In addition, she’s sponsored by them. Why wouldn’t you wear their tape even though it doesn’t do anything medically that’s been scientifically proven?

Keep your questions coming. I’m happy to answer them. I look forward to hearing from you. If you have any questions, please give me a call at (703) 723-6758. That’s the number to Jackie at AID Performance Physical Therapy. Either myself or one of my talented physical therapists can help you out with answers to your questions. Or, you could schedule a free taster session to come in and we can talk one on one in person to answer your questions that you might have. Or, you can email me at adombek@aidppt.com. I can answer your questions there, and I can send you some free tips reports that might relate to your questions. That is the end of episode two of The Any Day Travels of a Physical Therapist. Boom

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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