Episode 11: 5 Questions with Susie Hansen, PTA

Andrew: Hi there, it’s Andrew again, and this is another episode of “Five Questions”, and today’s guest is Susie Hansen. She’s a physical therapist assistant (PTA) at AID performance physical therapy and she has a wealth of knowledge and background and came to join us and help us grow and expand the practice. So come on down and introduce yourself to Suzy. How are you doing today?

Suzy: Great.

Andrew: Great? Are you excited? Are you ready for these questions?

Suzy: Oh yeah.

Andrew: These questions were chosen randomly by Jen. And randomly, she picked them and looked and said if they were appropriate or not for Suzy but she did choose the pile randomly. So, you ready?

Suzy: I’m ready.

Andrew: Let’s begin. How is your family different from other families?

Suzy: Wow. How are we different from other families? Well, I don’t know. I have twins so that sort of made our family different. We also moved a lot when the kids were growing up. Didn’t have a lot of family, extended family around, so we sort of had each other, I guess, mostly to rely on, to do things with. My husband was an only child, so we don’t really have contact anymore with his family. But I came from a family of 11 kids…

Andrew: Oh wow, that’s something that we didn’t know. One thing that we didn’t mention is that Suzy’s husband actually came to us first as a client and then Suzy happened to work with one of our other staff member’s spouses at another clinic, and so when she heard that job was available with us, she jumped at the opportunity. I guess she got a glowing recommendation from her husband as well as Sed’s spouse and then…so that’s pretty interesting, 1 of 11. And then I know your husband is also European. Did you guys go to Europe a lot?

Suzy: We used to, yeah, we used to travel a lot to Europe, not as much after the kids got older.

Andrew: Cool. So with traveling, what’s the grossest thing you’ve ever eaten?

Suzy: Grossest thing I’ve ever eaten…

Andrew: Matt’s pulled pork recipe.

Suzy: I’m waiting to test that out. We’ll test that against the barometer. I don’t know. We’ll see. Actually, it probably was when I went to school in Germany when the had blood sausage. That was probably one of the grossest things I’ve eaten. Yeah.

Andrew: I have heard of that.

Suzy: Yeah, I probably wouldn’t request that again.

Andrew: I wouldn’t blame you. Next question, what three things would you like to accomplish in the next three years?

Suzy: Three things I would like to accomplish in the next three years?

Andrew: Next three years.

Suzy: Wow. I would definitely like to learn a lot more here at AID about running, treating runners. I would like to do some kind of volunteer work for some type of non-profit organization. And I would like to get back to being a good golfer.

Andrew: Wouldn’t we all. If you were given one wish, what would you ask for?

Suzy: That’s a tough one. I guess being a mother, I’d probably have to say that for my children to be successful and happy. Otherwise, it would be my own island. But…

Andrew: What would you name the Island? Suzanesburg [SP].

Suzy: Yeah. That’s a good one.

Andrew: Suzanesburg. Well, speaking of islands, what natural event would you like to witness in person?

Suzy: What natural event? Oh wow, natural event.

Andrew: And please don’t tell me it’s watching Drew grow a man bun.

Suzy: Well, that is high on the list. That’s not probably not it. What natural event?

Andrew: I can name a few. See the northern lights.

Suzy: I’ve seen that actually. It’s amazing.

Andrew: An active volcano?

Suzy: Well, that would be pretty awesome. An active volcano would be…from a distance obviously, would be an amazing thing to witness.

Andrew: I guess you could form your own island right there.

Suzy: There you go. Take care of my island.

Andrew: Take care of your island and everything like that. Well, welcome on board. And thank you for today’s episode. I hope you enjoyed watching. Please stop in and see us, and have a good evening.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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