Episode 10: Achilles Tendonitis in Runners

Hey, it’s Andrew Dombek from the “Any Day Happenings of a Physical Therapist.” And I don’t know what episode this is. I think it’s like number 10 or 11 but as you can see, we’re here. We’re here live at the Battle of the burn two and we’re here supporting Broad Run and even as a future Bulldog so we represent both. But today what we’re talking about is I’ve had two 40, 50-year-old men who’ve come in recently with Achilles Tendinitis and they’re like, “I don’t understand how is this happening?” And, I said, “I bet you’re a heel striker,” without even running…without even watching them run I said, “This is probably what the problem,” and we took them over the videotape and wow, I was right. And they said, “Well I don’t get it.” But what happens is when your foot hits the ground and your body rises or rolls over your foot, that puts your Achilles tendon on a huge amount of stretch. “Huge,” I said. And as a result, you know, if you’re running 14,15, 16 just the trauma, the cumulative trauma eventually it becomes inflamed because it can’t handle that.

So one of our suggestions and quick and easy fixes was not as easy but you need to learn how to run properly in changing your gate to mid-foot strike. In addition, one of the things you need to do is…one of the things I suggest to my clients is get a little heel lift to put inside the shoe because essentially what we’re trying to do is lift the heel up to shorten the Achilles and get it to stiffen up. And this is one of the few times that when you’re wearing shoes with a little heel on them that is acceptable in my book, normally I prefer, you know, eight to ten millimeter heel drop in your shoe. And some of the other stuff that we do is of course calf smashes to loosen up the calf and…Look at the…This is the AV crew over here. Say, “Hey, we’re live.” And then we got the Broad Run student section over here where we’re headed.

And so we’re here on the sidelines tonight. Hopefully there are no injuries to either team. It should be a great match. Last game Broad Run won 10- 7 and hopefully they can win again. They had a lot of lost…left a lot of points on the field so this is… I want to keep coming…keep your questions coming and let me know if there’s anything that we can do. If you want to come in and talk to us, give us a call. And this is…have a good night, let’s go Broad Run. Bring home the true battle of the burn, and I’ll let you watch out on t the Broad Run student section. Good night. Good luck Broad Run.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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