Demo Day – A Quick Tour of the New Place

Hey, guys. It’s Andrew Dombek from AID Performance Physical Therapy. I’m here for another update. Construction has started and I’m here to take you guys on a quick tour of the place. I will be doing a blog post this week about hiking and knee pain. I got a question from one of our clients, Shawna, who is hiking the Appalachian Trail, and she called me this morning with questions about knee pain and so I am going to get to that pretty soon either today or tomorrow on another blog post. So stay tuned for that. Also, Drew went hiking this weekend, and he has a blog about proper footwear.

So here we go. Let me give you a picture of what’s going on here. So I’m going to take you around. This is the back of the office. Here we go, see. Mirrors down and now we’re piled…I guess we won’t be using those mirrors. Best laid plans never work. They’ve taken down a lot of the doors. We’re gonna be…all of the kitchen cabinets have been donated to a church of the contractors which was, I thought, was a great idea. Here, they’re starting to take out some ceiling tile. A lot of that tile is gonna be coming down. Yes, sir, salvaging the doors, probably. In here…oh, look at that big pile. They’re ripping down…more of the cabinets all gone. I think they’ve already taken them out of here. Drywall down. Let’s see over here, I will show you where the most…got some in here… got some here. Nothing in here yet. Sorry, I make you dizzy. Here’s where most of the damage has been done. Aw, there’s all the cabinets and doors. This is the one wall that’s being put… [foreign language 00:02:26] So stay tuned…[foreign language 00:02:34] for more demo video. So that’s the update on the demolition. We’re so happy that this has started. Hopefully, we’re get going by mid-July. Oh, I’m sorry, mid-June. So stay tuned and keep up. Thank you and have a great day.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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