6 Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries 

Sports injuries can be a major setback for athletes, especially when they are serious enough to require surgery or long-term rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are several steps athletes can take to reduce their risk of injury and keep themselves healthy and active. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six ways to avoid sports injuries while staying…

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Get Back with Dombek Episode 13: Rhys Gully – Personal Training and Collaborative Care

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  I believe that Rhys Gully is the best trainer in the area. I believe this to be true because he has an understanding of the body like no other. He understands athletes because he was a 3-sport athlete at Broad Run High School. Upon graduation Rhys furthered his education at Virginia Tech where he…

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Get Back with Dombek: Episode 12 – Loudoun United Soccer Star, Hometown Hero Sammy Sergi

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  Samson “Sammy” Sergi is a product of Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia, where he played football and soccer. From a young age, his goal was to play at a professional level, and at 25, he can say that he has accomplished this goal. In fact, his first time playing was five minutes…

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Get Back with Dombek Episode 11: Taylor Clarke – Broad Run High School to the Majors

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  When Taylor Clarke was in college, he was faced with the two words that no pitcher ever wants to hear: “Tommy John”. Taylor and I worked to prevent the injury, but when he finally went under the knife to repair the ligaments in his pitching elbow, he was faced with an even steeper hill…

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GBWD Episode 10, Part 1: Jan Dommerholt – Dry Needling, Deferred Pain, and Acupuncture

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  Jan Dommerholt believes he is very lucky, and his expertise in dry needling and referred pain is a matter of circumstance. While practicing at a hospital in Washington, DC in the late 1980s, he decided to sit in on a workshop by renowned White House physician Janet Travell. Three-and-a-half hours later, and after a…

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GBWD Episode 9: Kimberly Hubert – There’s No Crying in Soccer

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  “There’s no crying in soccer.” Those were the words of Kimberly Hubert’s mother one day when she found her daughter on the soccer field on the verge of tears. Her parents always pushed her to be tough, so this was nothing new. “You know what?” she thought. “You’re right.” Kimberly Hubert is a division…

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GBWD Episode 8: Brennan Saulnier The trials and tribulations of a small town hockey player to budding NHL player

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  According to the Book Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Brennan Saulnier was born with the wrong birthday and from the wrong part of Canada.  He was cut from his major midget hockey team because he was too small and was forced to simply play high school hockey.   He traveled from tiny Halifax Nova Scotia across…

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GBWD Episode 7: Seth Kaplan Part 3 What is the difference between being injured vs. hurt & the role psychology plays in recovery?

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  This week’s podcast is the final portion with Seth Kaplan, M.Ed. the CEO and Director of Peak Performance for Corporate Warrior Consulting (CWC) and Elite Performance Coaching (EPC). In Episode 7 we dive into what it means to be injured versus hurt and the role psychology plays in recovery and that final push to return to play.…

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Get Back With Dombek Episode 4: Seth Kaplan M.Ed, Sports Psychologist Part 1

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Today’s guest on the GBWDP is Seth Kaplan, M.Ed. who is the CEO and Director of Peak Performance for Corporate Warrior Consulting (CWC) and Elite Performance Coaching (EPC). Currently, Kaplan provides the Corporate Warrior Peak Performance Program and Adaptive Leadership Program for Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR).  In addition, he is recognized as one of the leading Mental Conditioning/Golf Psychology Coaches in…

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Get Back With Dombek Episode 2: Dr. Robin West

IMG 2657

Because today is Mother’s Day, I wanted to highlight a woman and a mom on this weeks podcast.  Episode 2 features the distinguished Dr. Robin West, a mom, a wife, a friend, and an overall badass in her profession!  Who says you cannot have it all, not her! Listen to her story about how she…

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