Use It or Lose It! Don’t let your Physical Therapy Benefits or your FSA Funds go to WASTE!

dont waste money

It is time to be proactive about your health for once in your lifetime… it’s the last quarter of the year, do you know what that means???? It’s time for you to take care of those nagging, aching pains and injuries. Why now you ask? To save you both pain, time and money! Let’s start…

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Why is It That Women Are More Likely Than Men to Seek Medical Care?

back pain sex life

That pain in your lower back has returned. Will you take ibuprofen and power through the day, or make an appointment with your back doctor of choice (FYI No Referral or Prescription* is needed to see a Physical Therapist!)? As it turns out, your gender is likely to inform which (if any) action you take…

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Do You Lead An Active Lifestyle But Put Off Getting Help With Your Pain Because You Don’t Want To See A Doctor?

get pt first

In 2008, the state of Virginia, became a direct access state. Do you know what this means? Do you know how this will affect your wallet? In reference to the graph illustration above, this means huge savings for you as the healthcare consumer. It means NOT having to: Wait to go see the orthopedist (if…

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5 Simple Tips To Help Fix Your Back Pain

simple tips to fix back pain

One of the most common complaints or issues we see at AIDPPT is Low Back issues. Back pain is one of the major factors in reduced productivity in the workplace! It is not just because of people calling in sick but when you are suffering, regardless if the pain is sharp or a dull ache;…

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Foam Roll Your Aches & Pain Away in 2019

foam rolling featured

According to Harvard Medical School, “Foam rollers are ideal for soothing common sore spots like your calves, hamstrings, lower back, and IT bands, the fibrous tissue that runs from the hip to the knee along the outside of your legs. A roller glides over muscles much like a rolling pin to knead out knots, and…

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Toxins = Oxidative Stress = Inflammation

antioxidant score

Every day toxic stressors bombard your body. These toxic stressors create what is called free radicals. Free radicals attack the cells of your body damaging them, which leads to a chronic inflammatory state. Toxins = oxidative stress = inflammation. Environmental toxins· Pollution, chemicals, radiation, molds The water we drink, the air we breathe Toxins in…

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How Do You Know if Your Multivitamin is Working? Take the Nutritional Lie Detector Test Today…

multivitamin test

The American Medical Association recommends that ALL adults take a multivitamin! But, how do you know if you really need to use supplements? Furthermore, how do you know if what you are taking is working? In today’s world with our busy lifestyles supplementation is essential for us to nutritionally fill the gaps in what we…

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Are You Inflamed? Why Should You Care? Your Life May Depend on It!

s3 scanner

Know your number! Inflammation is how your body responds to defend itself against toxins. Chronic inflammation occurs when the body is under constant attack from various toxins – some of which you have control over and some you do not. Every day your body is bombarded by toxic stressors. These toxic stressors create what is…

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Oxidative Stress and Free Radicals: The Silent Killers

oxidative stress free radicals

Did you know that there were two types of inflammation, acute and chronic? Acute inflammation is where you have an injury to an area and it inflames, you have tissue damage. Chronic inflammation is a state where your body is at or above inflammatory threshold. It is a systemic thing, whole body. When you get…

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Press Release: AIDPPT partners with Territory Foods to bring fresh, quick and nutritious meals to its Busy and Active Clientele!

Territory Pick Up Location

CREATIVE LOCAL CHEFS + SMART  NUTRITIONIST INPUT = TASTY, CLEAN EATS Territory was built to make it super easy to commit to the life changing rituals of eating well and being active. Starting October 26 you will now be able to place your Territory meal orders online and then pick up your meals directly from AID…

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