Can You Do Toe Yoga? A Tip To Show Off Your Summer Footwear Pain-free

Can You Toe Yoga?

Andrew: Welcome to AID Performance Physical Therapy presents, summertime shoe wear. Hey, there. It’s Andrew Dombek from AID performance physical therapy. And this is my partner in crime…

Maryanne: Maryanne Chalmers, a physical therapist at AID.

Andrew: And we’re here to show you an exercise that if you can’t do, then maybe you need to come in for a free discovery session in order to determine if you’re ready to be wearing your summer shoes. This exercise is called Toe Yoga. Maryanne is gonna demonstrate her attempt to do toe yoga. Now, I’m gonna show you how to do toe yoga. Big toe up, other four toes up. Big toe down, other four toes down. These exercises demonstrate your ability to control the intrinsic muscles, that’s the inside muscles of your foot. And this will help strengthen your foot in order to be able to wear all these nice, fancy, fun shoes for summer.

Maryanne: If you’re like me, and can’t do it, wearing these will cause you pain.

Andrew: So oftentimes wearing these type of shoes can lead to lots of problems like…

Maryanne: Plantar fasciitis, Morton’s neuroma, heel pain, knee pain…

Andrew: Back pain, if you’re not properly strengthened. And we’re here to show you, if you can do these exercises then get ready, because summer vacation is just around the corner. It’s Memorial Day weekend starting tonight, and you wanna be wearing these summer shoes all summer long without suffering from any of these pains. If you can’t do this exercise, the toe yoga, then why don’t you give us a call at 703-723-6758 for a free, no pressure, introductory discovery session. So we can look into seeing why you’re suffering from pain and you can’t benefit from the enjoyment of wearing any of the shoes that we’ve demonstrated today. Thanks for watching

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If you or anyone you know is suffering from pain while wearing flip flops or similar shoes in their feet, knees, hips or back while walking barefoot or while wearing summer footwear.


Have them call us to set up a free discovery session before this pain becomes a pain in your summer vacation plans!


Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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