6 Ways To Avoid Sports Injuries 

Sports injuries can be a major setback for athletes, especially when they are serious enough to require surgery or long-term rehabilitation. Fortunately, there are several steps athletes can take to reduce their risk of injury and keep themselves healthy and active. In this blog post, we’ll discuss six ways to avoid sports injuries while staying…

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How To Improve & Maintain Good Muscle Health 

Having healthy muscles is essential for overall health and well-being. Good, healthy muscles provide us with strength, mobility, and balance. When maintaining good muscle health, it eliminates the possibility of issues surrounding strength, mobility, and balance arising. Not only that, but muscles help us to perform everyday activities such as walking, lifting, and carrying heavy…

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What To Expect During A Physical Therapy Session

Physical therapy is an important part of the healing process for many individuals. It can help with pain management, injuries, and surgery recovery, as well as improve mobility and restore regular strength and function. But, if you’re new to physical therapy, you may be wondering — what exactly happens during a physical therapy session? What…

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5 Ways To Stay Active & Healthy

When it comes to our busy lives and schedules, sometimes it’s hard to prioritize your health and fitness. We try our very best to work it into our day, but sometimes it’s hard to find the time for that Yoga class you’ve been always wanting to try or to commit to signing up for a…

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Why You Shouldn’t Do Physical Therapy On Your Own

Physical therapy (PT) is a great way to reduce pain, recover from injury, and improve your physical health and quality of life. It can help with a variety of conditions, from chronic pain to post-operative rehabilitation. However, many people wonder if they can do physical therapy on their own. Some may think that this is…

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How Do I Find The Right Physical Therapist?

Finding the right physical therapist can be a challenge. With so many different options available, it can be difficult to know which one is the right choice for you. You know that you want a provider that specializes in the issue that you’re currently dealing with and you want to feel confident in the decision…

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December Deals: Time To Use or Lose; Limited Supply

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Got money on your FSA account that you will lose on December 31, 2022? Use it or Lose it by purchasing from us! Limited Quantities Available first come first serve first 10 people to buy! Starting today through Thursday December 23rd, 2022 (til close of business at 4PM) our next to lowest prices on Incrediwear,…

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Last Chance To Use Your 2022 PT Benefits and FSA Cards!!!

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Just checking in to see how you’re doing? Also wanted to send a message to be proactive. You see, it’s the last week of the year. Do you know what that means???? It’s time for you to take care of those nagging, aching pains and injuries. Why now you ask? To save you both pain,…

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Pickleball Warm-up #2 Lateral Shuffle with and without resistance.

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Pickleball Warm-up #2 Lateral Shuffle with and without resistance. #dink #pickleball #kitchen

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I hope you are doing well! We may or may not have seen each other in a while and I wanted to give you a heads up on some exciting news for you! The following is nothing new, the staff and I have been making educational and entertainment video content to help you with your…

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