5 Snacks to Throw in Your Bag When You Are on the Go

Andrew: Hey there, it’s Andrew Dombek from AID Physical Performance Therapy. I’ve got a guest with me today, Angela Mari of GoodLife Nutrition.

Angela: Hi, guys.

Andrew: And she’s here to help me answer one of the questions that we get from a lot of our patients who happen to be moms. There’s a lot of moms there in Ashburn, and one of the questions is “I work full time, I go to the gym, I run, take yoga, kickboxing classes, then I have to run, pick up my kids from school and take them to whether it’s dance, ballet, sports, whatever classes. What are the best snacks that I could keep in the car to keep myself fueled, that are healthy, to give myself or my child right before they head out on the practice field or on the dance floor?”

Angela: Yeah, well I love this question because my recommendations or ideas or tips change every few months because companies come out with new products, new ideas come out on Pinterest, so this is a really fun one. First and foremost, my go-to is always nuts. Nuts save well, you can stick them in your pocket, you can put them in your glove compartment, very good for traveling, no need for refrigeration, and it’s great fuel. You have some fats in there, you’re really setting yourself up for a day where you have a lot to do. Another one that I like, especially during the summer season… It’s farmer’s market week this week.Maybe when we publish this it won’t be, but so fruits and nut butters. I mean sliced apples with almond butter on top. If you want something even a little sweeter, you can drizzle a little bit of honey. But I know there’s a brand that actually sells these packets of nut butter, that you can stick in your purse or in your kids’ lunchbox. Another one that I personally love, because I prefer salty and sour over sweet, are keeping olives with me. And Trader Joe’s actually sells these little single serving size packets

Andrew: Oh I’ve seen those. Yeah.

Angela: Yeah, they’re so good because again, you can put them in your purse or in your kids’ lunchbox. The ones in the packet don’t have to be refrigerated either. And one of the new, and it’s not new, but there are a lot of companies really coming out with very, very high-quality jerky. Not only beef jerky, but they have bison jerky, they have turkey jerky, chicken jerky, and one thing to keep a look out for that is grass-fed pasture-raised meat. And there’s a lot of companies really starting to take advantage of the fact that consumers that are asking for really good meat. So how many is that? That’s four.

Andrew: One other thing I know a lot of people have, they’ll have gluten sensitivity and gluten allergies, Every one of those that she’s mentioned tends to be gluten free. Be careful with your jerky. Sometimes they tend to use soy, and in soy there sometimes is wheat in that. I know a brand Crave I think they’re called. I believe they are gluten free, so they keep the soy out of it. And you do owe me one more.

Angels: Yeah, well speaking to the jerky, that’s one of the reasons why my recommendations kind of evolve with how the companies kind of rise to the occasion, and there are so many companies that are now making jerky with less fillers, less soy, really, even without sugar, which used to be unheard of. So, for my last one, I will say, and you might need a cooler bag for this, but it’s super easy, smoothies. Smoothies are also a go-to because you can whip it up real quick, keep it in your travel cup, and bring it from place to place. If you’re dropping one kid off at soccer, one kid off at swimming, you could just carry a smoothie in your travel cup. And my favorite smoothie right now, I have a little chocolate craving going on, so this morning I made a smoothie with a handful of spinach, a half a banana, half an avocado, a couple of dates to add sweetness, and then macadamia nut milk. And then, I did kind of spruce it up with some collagen and some protein powder, but you just blend that up and it just keeps you going for a really long time. And it’s easy.

Andrew: And another thing about that, is you don’t necessarily have to use fresh foods. Frozen fruits are great, they’re easy, and then especially when it’s hot out, you blend them up and it’s a nice thing to lower your body temperature. If your kids are heading out, especially now in the summer heat, in August, you’ve got all the school sports starting back up, and something to kind of lower the core body temperature. So when you get out, either going on a long run on the weekend, or you’re going out for soccer or football practice on these turf fields especially, they’re extra hot.

Angela: Yeah. Good point.

Andrew: So those are great, great points. Stay tuned for more tips from Angela and myself on health. Please send us your questions. If you have any questions, www.aidppt.com, you can go to our website and submit your questions there. Where can you hit Angela up?

Angela: You can hit me up. I have my website is www.bemindfulandhappy.com, exactly how it sounds, bemindfulandhappy.com. I have a page there for online scheduling. You can schedule a free 15-minute discovery session with me, where we kind of get to know each other and see if we can do some good work together. So, hit me up there.

Andrew: And as you know, AID also performs free discovery sessions, as well. Come in for a half-an-hour meet with one of our therapists, and we’ll set up an individual treatment plan based on what your unique goals are. So thanks for tuning in, stay tuned, keep track on our website, our blog, Facebook, social media, we’re all over the place. Have a great day.

Angela: Bye, guys.

Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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