5 Questions with Christina Le (and Gizmo)


Andrew: Hey there, it’s Andrew from AID Performance Physical Therapy, and this is another episode of “Five Questions.” Today, our guest is Christina Le, she’s our newest superstar receptionist. She’s been great for us. If you haven’t come by and met her yet, you should stop in and say, “Hi.” And this is Gizmo, say, “Hi,” Gizmo.

Christina: I feel like he’s growling.

Andrew: Gizmo’s camera shy today. So, today we’re gonna go ahead and start with our section, our session of questions. First question is, do you mind being teased by your family?

Christina: Do I mind? Yes and no, because my brother is…he used to tease me about being fat all the time.

Andrew: That’s not very nice.

Christina: And having a double chin, or a triple chin.

Andrew: Aww.

Christina: I don’t mind it because I always just work my love on them anyways. That’s okay.

Andrew: That’s okay, good answer. All right, what habits would you like to change to be more environmentally friendly?

Christina: Recycling. I don’t recycle on the [inaudible 00:01:05], to be honest.

Andrew. We recycle here at AID.

Christina: Yes, we do.

Andrew: Hopefully, Christina’s recycling.

Christina: I do.

Andrew: I have to start looking through the garbage cans and make sure that she’s recycling.

Christina: Brian’s always on me about it.

Andrew: All right, well, thank you, Brian. Yeah, I see some boxes lined up in front of the recycling bin. It’s funny that we had to buy our own recycling bin, the building did not provide them. Shame on them, shame, shame on them. All right, next question, pie, cake, or ice cream?

Christina: Ice cream.

Andrew: Ice cream, what flavor?

Christina: Taro.

Andrew: Taro?

Christina: Yeah, they have that, mochi taro ice cream.

Andrew: What is that?

Christina: Taro’s a root, but it’s still a good…I don’t even know what it is, honestly, a vegetable?

Andrew: It’s a vegetable, yeah.

Christina: Yeah, but it tastes…it’s sweet. It’s so good, you should try it. They sell them at Costco.

Andrew: Taro ice cream?

Christina: Yeah, the mochi ones.

Andrew: Yeah, but they send it in…what, mochi?

Christina. Mochi.

Andrew: Is that why they call you, “Mooshi?”

Christina: No, they don’t call me that.

Andrew: Today, we ordered a tropical smoothie for, kind of, lunch, snack, and Brian put in the name, “From Mooshoo,” and so…

Christina: That’s Drew’s nickname.

Andrew: That’s Drew’s…oh, apparently, that’s Drew’s nickname, but they went up there and he looked…the guy looked at Christina funny.

Christina: He’s like, “Really?” I was like, “No.”

Andrew: Really, “Mooshoo?” So, what’s your favorite part of your house?

Christina: My room.

Andrew: Why?

Christina: Because it’s my own sanctuary, but my door doesn’t close or lock, so my mom can come in whenever she wants.

Andrew: Yeah, that’s damn straight. Eden, if you’re watching this, if you start locking the door, the door is coming off. No privacy.

Christina: You know, one time we went to Home Depot, and we’re looking at doors to replace it, and my mom chose the one that was clear. I was like, “That’s not good for my door.” She’s like, “Why not, are you trying to hide something from me?” “No!” I was like, “No, it’s not meant for a room door.”

Andrew: You’d have to get and put a curtain on it then.

Christina: Yeah, but it’s just so much effort.

Andrew: That would be, yeah. Sorry, Eden. Last question, if you could change places with anyone, who would you choose?

Christina: With anyone? Oh, man.

Andrew: We know Matt would say, “Dwayne Johnson.”

Christina: Yeah, he would.

Andrew: I don’t know who Drew would change places with. Stumped you.

Christina: That is a tough question because it can either be a family member, or a celebrity.

Andrew: It could be anyone.

Christina: I’m gonna say I would switch places with my friend. His name’s Jose, and that’s because he’s been traveling to Thailand and Japan, and all over Asia.

Andrew: Very cool, world traveler.

Christina: Living the life, yeah.

Andrew: Living the life. Well, that’s the end of our segment today. If you’re keeping close track with us, renovations are about to hit the final phase. They’re gonna start buttoning everything up, and everything should be getting delivered in the next couple weeks. We’re looking for a soft opening around, I’d say, the 20th, 21st of June. So, stay tuned. Hope you guys have a safe and happy holiday weekend, over and out.



Andrew Dombek, PT, MSPT, CMTPT, CGFI

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